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Austin Psych Fest 2013,
Saturday and Sunday

We’re back with part two of our Austin Psych Fest Preview. The festival gets bigger and better as the weekend goes on. Saturday packs a full day of music and film screenings from 1pm all the way into the wee hours of the morning. Sunday’s lineup starts a bit later (allowing some hangover time) with the first acts going on at 3pm. As promised, here are some of the acts you won’t want to miss on these last two days of psych fest. 

SATURDAY | This is the longest day of the weekend. The folks at the Reverberation Appreciation Society spared no expense setting up this lineup. With over 12 hours of live music planned, this may prove to be the best day of the festival. Here’s where you’ll find us on Saturday.

Young Magic Levitation Tent | 3:00pm

Young Magic is an eclectic group, to say the least. Members Issac and Michael are from Austrailia and joined by Melati of Indonesia; ultimately, the three met and began working together in New York City. Young Magic’s music is infused with personal experiences and cultural intricacies.

“Sparkly” starts off their latest album Melt, and it’s a track I’m definitely looking forward to seeing live this Saturday. A chorus of haunting “ooo”s is accompanied by strong percussion and delicate guitar, leading to a beautiful, airy song with strong tribal undertones. This feel is carried throughout their other songs, creating an album that sets a consistent tone, and is interesting from start-to-finish.

Sitting at work listening to Young Magic is one thing, but I only imagine that experiencing their music live and getting caught up in the energy will be an ever greater experience. Be sure not to miss this band’s performance at the Levitation Tent Saturday afternoon.

Night Beats | Reverberation Stage | 5:45pm

It’s hard to believe this band is not from Texas. This Seattle band fits in with the Texas Psychedelic scene so well that you might just assume they came out of it.

Their songs are reminiscent of the great ’60s psych bands like, the 13th Floor Elevators, but have a soulful R&B feel that sets them apart as a something special in the garage rock scene. Check out their split with The UFO Club on Soundcloud.

Holydrug Couple | Elevation Amphitheatre | 6:30pm

This duo is a part of the burgeoning psychedelic rock scene rising out of Chile. Based in Santiago, they’ve cultivated a drifting, bluesy sound that weaves a gentle tapestry of drums, guitar, and vocals around the listener.

It’s easy to get lost in their epic soundscapes, sometimes lasting upwards of 10 minutes. Their long, trance inducing tracks fail to get boring and they are a perfect addition to this years APF lineup.

Man or Astroman? | Levitation Tent | 9:45pm

The only way to describe this band is Sci-fi Surf Rock from another planet. They’re probably the only band that falls under this distinction, and whether they are actually from another planet or not, they are no strangers to rock and roll here on earth.

They touched down on our planet in the early 90’s, landing initially in Alabama and gradually spreading their message to the rest of the world. I’ve had the distinct pleasure of catching their live act and it is nothing short of brilliant. They’re the only band I’ve ever seen light a theremin on fire, while playing it. Here’s a taste of what you’re in for at the Levitation Tent come Saturday night.

Deerhunter | Reverberation Stage | 11:30pm

Probably one of the more well-known acts at the fest this year, what else can really be said about Deerhunter? They describe themselves as “ambient-punk,” but incorporate practically every style of music imaginable.

Frontman Bradford Cox has been writing dreamy pop songs since he was 10 and still performs solo under the moniker Atlas Sound. Deerhunter bring a delightful mix of psychedelic pop, shoegaze, and post-punk that proves to be extremely danceable, but dark and contemplative all at once.

On May 7th, the band will release the highly anticipated Monomania, their 6th studio album. The title track finds the band flirting with a heavier rock sound, but somehow the track remains as catchy and infections as their earlier work. They will surely pack in a huge crowd Saturday as they close out the night on the Reverberation Stage.

SUNDAY | APF’s wonderful world of mind-blowing, psychedelic music has to come to an end sometime (at least until next year.) But not to worry, this Sunday lineup will not leave you disappointed. Here are just a few of the acts we’re excited to see.

Holy Wave Levitation Tent | 4:30pm

A local favorite from El Paso, Texas, these guys cut through the haze of psychedelic music with piercing sonic textures that make them one of the most infectious psych bands around.

They just released an album via the Reverberation Appreciation Society entitled Evil Hits. The aptly titled LP combines tracks from their first two EPs Knife Hits and The Evil Has Landed. Holy Wave is one of the best new additions to the APF record label. Give “Albuquerque Freakout” a listen and see for yourself.

Elephant Stone | Reverberation Stage | 4:00pm

Another Canadian entry into this years psych fest, Elephant Stone make melodic psych pop and incorporate aspects of traditional Indian music. Frontman Rishi Dhir’s skilled sitar playing and soaring Beatles-esque vocals combine to produce lush, layered psychedelic rock songs. Chants and other traditional instruments like tablas find their way into the mix as well.

Rishi is also a session sitarist that has played along side many other APF acts such as the Brian Jonestown Massacre and the Black Angels. Their live set is truly a transcendental experience that is sure to have some extended sitar jams.

Roky Erickson | Reverberation Stage | 7:30pm

Ok, you shouldn’t even be reading this if you don’t know who Roky Erickson is. He is the reason this festival exists and it’s an amazing honor to have him grace the APF stages once again.

The legendary singer/ guitarist of psych-rock godfathers, the 13th Floor Elevators will perform Sunday night on the Reverberation stage—a stage named after a song he wrote. In fact, every stage at APF is named after a 13th Floor Elevators song, further reinforcing how much influence these guys have had on psychedelic rock.

Roky has led quite a life since the elevators break up, which is chronicled in the documentary You’re Going To Miss Me, but he is alive and kicking and still delivers one of the most unique and amazing voices in rock and roll.

Goat | Elevation Amphitheatre | 10:00pm

This band is a bit of an enigma, but their debut album blew me away on first listen. The album title, World Music, really comes into context once you hear how many styles of music Goat combine into one LP. The drums are tribal but sometimes more latin, the guitars are soft and jangly but also pack a garage rock crunch, and the vocals range from dreamy to screeching.

The band has already garnered a reputation for being pretty out there and comical in interviews. Regardless of their public image, they’ve put out easily one of the best albums of 2012. Although they are new to the APF stages (and to this country) they are certainly deserving of this prominent late night spot, headlining the Elevation Amphitheatre.

The Moving Sidewalks | Reverberation Stage | 11:00pm

Did you know Billy Gibbons, one of the cool bearded dudes from ZZ Top, had a psychedelic band before he was writing boogie songs like “La Grange?” Well he did. They are the Moving Sidewalks and they have reunited to play Austin Psych Fest this year. Although they only cut one studio album, the late ’60s band made some groovy tunes as well as a psychedelic cover of the Beatles classic “I Want To Hold Your Hand.”

Check out the fuzzy guitars and driving keyboards of “99th Floor” and you’ll wonder why these guys ever broke up. Welcome them back at the Reverberation Stage as they help close out Sunday’s Lineup.

Clinic | Levitation Tent | 12:00am

Some call Clinic a post-punk revival, others just call it indie rock, but there really isn’t a suitable label for this Liverpool band that’s been active for over a decade now. With their 8th studio album currently in the works, Clinic has created a style of music that is distinctively “them.” I feel like I’ve been typing the words “Psychedelic,” “Rock,” “Garage,” and “Post-Punk” all day to describe some great bands, but Clinic is truly something to be experienced and not to be labelled.

You’ll get lost in the droning synth in “Seamless Boogie Woogie,” but older songs like “Pet Eunuch” sound like early ’90s punk rock. These guys can do no wrong, I don’t care what genre you want to fit them into, just listen to them. I can’t think of a better band to close out the final night of Austin Psych Fest.

If you’re aren’t already jumping for joy by now then you should probably head over to the official APF website and peruse the rest of this amazing lineup.

I wish I could say something about each one of these bands but I have to pack for my 17 hour drive from Chicago to Austin. We will be back soon with interviews, photos, and all sorts of experiences from the fest. That is if we’re not too drunk on reverb (and booze.) Stay tuned!

Austin Psych Fest Official | Tickets | Lineup

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