Demand it on Vinyl: Gleaming Spires, three expanded reissues in stores 9/17

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Omnivore to reissue Songs of the Spires, Walk on Well Lighted Streets, and Welcoming a New Ice Age, all with bonus tracks.

If you listened to L.A.’s World Famous KROQ or the many KROQ-inspired radio stations throughout the nation in the 1980s, you’ve probably heard Gleaming Spires. Their song “Are You Ready for the Sex Girls?” was hard to avoid. On September 17, 2021, Omnivore Recordings will reissue the duo’s three albums, Songs of the Spires, Walk on Well Lighted Streets, and Welcoming a New Ice Age, in expanded editions with bonus tracks, and track-by-track commentary by the band members.

Leslie Bohem and David Kendrick met in the late ’70s when David went to check out Les’ band Bates Motel. Kendrick joined as the band’s drummer. Bates Motel soon entered the studio with musician/producer Andrew Gold, to capture their repertoire on tape.

They garnered a regional following and played gigs up and down the West Coast, but a record contract eluded them. They met Ron and Russell Mael of Sparks in 1980 and invited them to come see the band. But instead of the brothers producing them, they asked Leslie and David to join Sparks. While performing with Sparks, the two began to create music as Gleaming Spires.

Gleaming Spires’ debut album, Songs of the Spires, was issued in 1981 and the follow-up, Walk on Well Lighted Streets, in 1983. Both were produced by Stephen Hauge (New Order, Pet Shop Boys, OMD). Prior to recording their second album, the Spires grew to a quartet with the addition of Bob Haag (Bates Motel, Sparks) and Jim Goodwin (John Cale, Sparks).

The band enlisted Greg Penny (k.d. lang, Elton John) to produce their well-received 1984 “Party” EP and their 1985 album Welcoming a New Ice Age. They even had time to write songs for — and appear in — the film School Spirit (made for Roger Corman’s production company).

Post-Spires, Bohem and Kendrick continued to work together, adding Paul Cutler (45 Grave, The Dream Syndicate) on guitar. Calling themselves Eleven Blue Men, they only recorded two tracks; a band wasn’t meant to be as Bohem became a screenwriter (Dante’s Peak, The Alamo) and Kendrick went to work with Bob and Mark Mothersbaugh — eventually joining Devo as their drummer.

These new, expanded editions are produced for release by Kendrick, Chaim O’Brien-Blumenthal, and Grammy®-winner Cheryl Pawelski. Packaging for all features expanded artwork, lyrics, photos, an essay from producer O’Brien-Blumenthal, plus interviews and track-by-track commentary by Bohem and Kendrick.

All include the original album tracks plus:

Songs of the Spires adds a rare B-side, the “Life Out on the Lawn” EP, and six previously unissued Bates Motel tracks including three from their sessions with Andrew Gold.

Walk on Well Lighted Streets adds the “Party” EP, two tracks from Revenge of the Nerds, and the band’s contribution to the film Bad Manners — which gets its first official release here.

Welcoming A New Ice Age adds four tracks from School Spirit, which, along with the tracks from the Eleven Blue Men sessions, receive their first official release here.

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  • Aleksandar Skocajic

    Pure truth about “writer” Leslie Bohem

    Dear Sir,

    here are and add, facts and evidence vs. US “writer” Leslie Bohem and I contact you because as I have found you were on some kind of contact in the past with US “writer” Leslie Bohem and you are also well aware that it is easy was referred to as “writer”, – see also the websites :

    – regarding the facts and evidences I have regarding writer LESLIE K. BOHEM all of you can see which kind of writer he is, and in the text below you will find info, facts and evidence, how started writer s career of LESLIE K. BOHEM, – but I will start from the beginning :

    My name is Aleksandar Skocajic, B- SC. mechanical
    engineer and amateur screenwriter, who in 1993. came up with the
    original idea to write an original screenplay for a feature film about a
    catastrophic volcanic eruption in the middle of a big city
    (megalopolis) in the USA. I checked, in addition to about 20 feature
    films about the volcano disaster that had been made so far, it had never
    been made like this. I completed the
    script, entitled MAGMA TOWN (VOLCANO OF DEATH) and registered it with
    the JAA Authors Agency for Serbia on August 17, 1994 (see attachment),
    and from September 1994 to May 1995, I mailed it to about 30 film
    companies and producers in Los Angeles, of which they 16 responded (see
    several Answers in the attachment).

    In November 1995, I accidentally saw in some FILM
    MAGAZINE an article about shooting the movie DANTE S PEAK (which was in
    the process of being shot at the time), and from that text I recognized
    several scenes that were identical to my registered script MAGMA TOWN, –
    I immediately suspected that it was probably plagiarism, so I contacted
    film company UNIVERSAL PICTURES with a few letters with evidence that I
    was the original screenwriter. They answered me three times with
    inappropriate (and obviously intentional) procrastination (see
    attachment), obviously with the intention of misleading me, not to file a
    lawsuit before they finish the film, which is what happened, – opening
    date of DANTE S PEAK, February 07,
    1997. (Almost the same as above happened with UNIVERSAL PICTURES around
    the movie DANTE S PEAK, was the same with movie VOLCANO, p. 20-th CENTURY FOX, but about that on another occasion).

    Around September 1997, I found and watched a pirated copy of the
    film DANTE S PEAK and found that of the film credits stay that are :
    Writer Leslie Bohem and detailed by comparison the movie with the text
    of my MAGMA TOWN script, I found about 80 scenes that were identical or
    very similar to my script , which was proof to me of the suspicion, that my script was used to shoot the movie DANTE S PEAK.

    After the later detailed investigation I have revealed that :

    – that Leslie Bohem sold in November 1995. his script DANTE S PEAK to UNIVERSAL STUDIOS for US $ 1,200,000.

    – that UNIVERSAL started with shooting of DANTE S PEAK in/about April 1995, – Premiere was at February 07. 1997. (also I have and more facts) and based of above presented evidences , and more other,

    I have reasonable doubt that :

    – that Leslie Bohem committed the serious crime of plagiarism of my registered
    screenplay MAGMA TOWN, which he apparently found in the spring of 1995,
    that script of mine in one of the 30 Los Angeles film companies to
    which I had sent my script a few months earlier, – that during the
    summer of 1995. Leslie Bohem little prepared- changed- rewriting my
    script (mostly changed dialogues), more of the scenes remained the same,
    – by which he committed the serious crime of plagiarism of my script
    and grossly violated my protected copyrights, for which criminal acts he
    is responsible to the Criminal Code of the USA – reckless theft of someone else’s work, also both, in the USA and internationally Copyright law.

    – that I don’t know that Producers Joseph M. Singer and Gale Anne Hurd knew about this plagiarism or that Leslie Bohem deceived them as well, – just as UNIVERSAL STUDIOS / UNIVERSAL PICTURES, – which bought the screenplay DANTE S PEAK, was so obviously deceived.

    – after that I was trying to find Leslie Bohem , but unsuccessfully through the years, there was no any info and websites on Internet about him in that time

    – that as I recently discovered that Leslie Bohem made some kind of writer s career, and ask yourself how he started, – answer is with rough and pure plagiarism
    od my registered script MAGMA TOWN, when he was 44 year old, and it is
    possible, with no me and my script MAGMA TOWN, which Leslie Bohem had
    plagiarized illegally, rudely, and recklessly, he might never have made
    a career as a writer, – and now you can clearly see how Leslie Bohem is began his career as an American writer and what kind of writer he really is.

    – that all this time, starting from 1997, I was trying to find Leslie Bohem, but with no success (only contacted him by phone twice, where he was extremely confused and in some kind od strong shock)

    – that finally about a few weeks ago, after 24 years I found Leslie Bohem, I have got more info and sources on about Leslie Bohem, I made a hard investigation and finally discovered, that he is that Leslie Bohem who is the writer of the DANTE S PEAK script, and I gathered solid evidence and I found his current address in L. A., etc.

    – that above are just only small number of facts and evidence v. writer
    Leslie Bohem and if you are interested regarding this case, and what
    Leslie Bohem did to me, – and also possible to some other people-writers
    worldwide, you can contact me , – I will be glad to respond.

    Sincerely yours,

    Aleksandar Skocajic,

    10050 Belgrade 22

    Grcica Milenka 4 a/41


    phone : ++ 38111 2836 304 Call 10 AM till 3 PM California Time


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