Adam Ficek…what’s he all about…

It’s been awhile since Adam Ficek put down his drumsticks and escaped from the Babyshambles car crash to concentrate full time on Roses Kings Castles (RKC) and his DJ pursuits. We caught up with him to discuss his new track, ‘Here Comes The Summer’ and the imminent release of his third album, British Plastic

What is RKC all about?

It’s my band name under which I perform and write music.

Tell us about this track.

‘Here Comes The Summer’ is the anthem we all wish we had written when we were at that point in our lives of either going left or right. The song like all songs is open to discussion, I’m sure it will mean different things to many people but generally to me it suggests when all the kicking and spitting stops we’ll still have the British summer.

What can we expect from your new album?

The album is more produced and generally a little dirtier than previous outings, it was written in a time of anger and disbelief, I’m over it now though…..

Do you have any plans for an RKC tour?

Yes, there will be a full tour of this Island in October, dates up soon…

You’ve been a real champion of the DIY ethos from the beginning – what’s your current take on the music industry?

It’s in a bit of a mess but the fog is clearing. It’s in a constant state of transition: as soon as you get your head around one thing it then runs away and another monster pops out, it’s a bit like Gauntlet, the arcade game.

Where does Adam Ficek the DJ fit into this?

He fits very nicely into the music thing as we’re in a time when people would rather pay a DJ to play other people’s music than hear original compositions. I’ve never really been that happy with the DJ tag as it generally doesn’t involve much more than ‘playing other people’s music’ but I spend a lot of time re-editing and messing with the audio so I can live with myself much more than if I was just beat mixing and spinning the wheels of steel.

Name three records you’d grab as the bomb goes off?

Now I have to here, be cool Adam, er….what would The Horrors say?

I need an abstract unknown band….

Electric Storm – White Noise…OK, my three records wouldn’t be ‘wacky’ they would be.

The Stone Roses – The Stone Roses

Buzzcocks – Singles: Going Steady

De La Soul – Three Feet High And Rising

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