Who The Hell Are:
Modern Faces

Modern Faces: who are you and what are you about? 

We are five lads from Dunfermline, Scotland playing the good old Rock ‘n’ Roll!! We enjoy a little women, wine and song as they say. Our aim is to put British Rock ‘n’ Roll back on the map. We want to write music that makes people want to get out there and enjoy themselves and have a good time. Music that people can connect with just like the bands that we’ve grown up with over the years. Music with meaning and soul!

Tell us about your track/video ‘Pravda Scrolls ‘

‘Pravda’ is Russian for ‘Truth’. ‘Pravda Scrolls’ was a Russian newspaper back in the 1920s. It was the peoples paper that exposed the corruption within the Government and people of the higher powers. Apart from the fact that it sounds cool as… we thought it had meaning that we could tie in with our own lives in the modern world. So from there the track took off…

Who has influenced your music the most?

We’ve been influenced by everything from Motown to The Prodigy. The 60s with the attitude of the 90s! Bands like The Stones, The Beatles and The Who through to 90s bands like Oasis, Stone Roses, The Verve, Paul Weller… they are all very much the iconic bands for us. More recently are bands like Kasabian, Miles Kane, Arctic Monkeys and The Music. All those bands have something more than just the music. They have the attitude and presence, you would feel the air change if they walked into a room! They bring more than just the music to the table.

Lost In A Moment (Tokyo Tokyo Remix) by Modern Faces

Where can folks catch you live?  

At the moment we’re playing on the This Feeling UK Tour running through October. Our next gig is This Feeling at The Vibe Bar, London on Friday 28th. Then we’re playing Edinburgh Liquid Rooms with Shaun Ryder from Happy Mondays on Sunday 13th November. A lot more in the pipeline over the next few months with new tracks and recordings flowing.

What’s been your standout band moment this year?

What a year this has been for us. We’ve supported Shed Seven, The Charlatans, The Rifles and The Animals. We played our first festival at Strawberry Fields Festival in August, but the standout moment for us has got to have been the Kasabian warm up tour that we played June. The gigs, the crowds, the venues, Tom, Serge and the rest of the lads…. I think it’s fair to say it was pretty out there! Definitely a story for the grandchildren that one.

Name one thing no one knows about the band?

Our keyboard player Shields is Neil Young’s love child!!

Give me one sentence that sums up the band or your music.

The Revolution of British Rock ‘n’ Roll, sure to blow your mind!

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