The Single Girl:
The/Das, “Speak Your Mind Speak” EP

The/Das are an electro duo from Berlin, only they can’t really be described as an electro duo. They flirt with the idea of electro, techno, and dance but never fully immerse themselves within any of these. In fact, they call their unique brand of music “techno tenderness.” It’s this understated approach to their music which makes their debut EP “Speak Your Mind Speak” so special.

Opener “Have No Fear” feels like the start to an evening. The/Das, duo Fabian Fenk and Anton K. Feist build the track perfectly—it’s epic yet introspective. “Keep This” is one of the stand out tracks on the EP and a perfect example of their “techno tenderness.” There are hints of Matthew Dear here, which is no bad thing.

“Hope And Air” and “Colin” are brilliant comedown tracks, early morning, after a long night out. By the time we hit”‘It’s True,” we see a different side to the band—this is less of the techno and more of the tenderness. It’s thoughtful, beautiful, and sparse.

The/Das are definitely expert mood makers, they bring us up, get us high, and make the comedown as gentle as possible.

Although their previous incarnation, Bodi Bill didn’t make a big splash in the UK (as it definitely should have!), The/Das have taken their electro indie leanings and moulded them into something quite special with this debut EP.

This duo proves, as ever, Berlin is Europe’s capital of cool for a reason.

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