UK Artist of the Week,
The Marivaux

Back in the heady days of groups like Led Zeppelin and The Who, it was taken as a given that being in a band was one of the most awesome things you could do for a living. It was up there with Astronaut and racing driver, for goodness’ sake!

Since then, despite a brief resurgence in the ’90s where Madchester and Britpop once again made life on stage and on the road something that looked exciting, a 24/7 party where you were the centre of attention, it’s all calmed down a bit. With the financial bottom falling out of the music industry, being a successful musician has been revealed as a fairly low paying job considering the amount of effort required to make it to the top and stay there.

However, there is still hope! The Marivaux have arrived on the scene with a music video celebrating everything that’s great about being on the road. There are no flea-infested motels, no depressing pictures of four people jammed into a dressing room with a broken sink; these Manchester boys are having the time of their lives and want everybody to know about it.

The video is for single and EP title track “All In Good Time,” put together by Phil McAdam (vocals/guitar), Rik Packer (bass,vocals), Matt Shields (lead guitar), and Ben Peacock (drums). Working dead-end jobs, the foursome wanted to experience something other than trying to weather a strangling recession.

So, they did what any other right thinking person does when faced with the mundane—they picked up instruments, and decided to do something about it. And lucky for us they did. All you need to know about The Marivaux is that they’re loud, they’re raw and, more to the point, they’re a whole lotta fun!

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