The Single Girl: Outblinker,
“Pink / Blue” EP

The press release that accompanies Outblinker’s debut EP ‘Pink / Blue’ is like a punch in the face, only friendlier and with the added bonus that reading it meant that we couldn’t NOT listen to their latest release. And boy, they do not disappoint.

There are only two tracks on “Pink / Blue” and they take their names from the EP’s title. Opener “Pink” is like audio speed—there’s a little bit of a build up and then BAM—you are ears deep in synths making the kind of noises your mother told you to avoid, and noisy, driving guitar and drums pushing everything forward so urgently that you barely even notice the 11 min playtime. There are so many cheeky little licks throughout the song, that each time you hear it—depending on which instrument you decide to follow—there is something new to make you go “GodDAMN this is dirty!”

Now, if they were any other band, you’d use the second track to chill things out a little, maybe wind it down and show off their mellow side. Outblinker are not any other band. There is some respite in “Blue”’s build up, but once it peaks we’re dropped into a deliciously nightmarish John Carpenter vision of distortion and sweeping synthesisers.

This is not music for the faint hearted. If you’re a connoisseur of Kraut Rock luminaries Can, or like to relax by throwing Stag by Melvins on the stereo, then you’d be nuts not to give Outblinker a listen! To quote their press release:

“They will not be appearing in-store at Topshop or on Hollyoaks in the near future. They have no plans to release their own perfume. They do not endorse Red Bull. They would, however, like the opportunity to blow your face off with huge, cinematic driving krautrock: abrasive electro music with a throbbing punk-rock heart.”

“Pink / Blue” by Outblinker is released via Good Grief Records. Follow them on Twitter. 

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