UK Artist of the Week: Denim Snakes

There isn’t enough balls out rock out there anymore. Sure, there are the old classics like AC/DC, whoever’s calling themselves Guns ‘n’ Roses these days, and a lot of coiffed teens talking about their feelings in high-pitched whines, but the days of the unapologetic, fist pumping rock ballad a-la Mötley Crüe are long gone. (And it’s probably for the best, if we’re honest. There is such a thing as TOO much cocaine.)

Denim Snakes, a four piece from Wales, snuck up on us with their forthcoming single “Stronger,” as it starts off as a standard heartbreak song, but then that chorus—wow. The overdrive kicks in, the drums get huge, and then suddenly there’s a metal-harmony of man-hurt pouring out the speakers that will have you pumping your fist in the air to grab for the stars, only to pull them back to Earth. Save the haircuts, these guys are classic hair metal all over.

Their rock credentials even more evident in “Many A Truth Sung In Jest,” the free track they’re giving away to promote the new single, with choppy no-frills power chords, classic guitar wailing, and a driving chorus and lead vocal that would see Vince Neil rocking out in approval.

They’ve duly earned their spot as our UK Artist of the Week, and we cannot wait to hear what else they have to offer.

“Stronger” is released 7th August via NOTV Records.

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