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“Physical forms of music are the ultimate way to enjoy music as a piece of art (which is the way it should be).”

“As much as digital music can go a long way across the world and is an immediate way of listening, it will never quite compare to a physical copy of the music, especially on vinyl. You can’t skip tracks on vinyl or cassette which some people may find annoying but I feel it allows the listener to appreciate the music the way it’s meant to be heard.

Being able to hold your music with its 12 inches of lovely wax and stunning artwork to match adds an increased emotional value to the music you have purchased. This can never be achieved with digital music in it’s current state but maybe this will change.

The vinyl revival has given independent artists and labels a chance to sell their music in its most valuable form, again however problems have occurred, particularly when it comes to Record Store Day. Record Store Day was a way for everyone to celebrate record stores and for independent labels and DIY artists to create one off special releases, however the majors soon cottoned on and are making it harder for small independent labels to create releases due to the overworked pressing plants.

This problem is ever-increasing, especially now—giants like Tesco are getting involved and it’s not like they’re going to sell a limited press version of a single I produce or a band/artist at a similar level, now is it? However there is always hope. Singles clubs like Flying Vinyl and Speedy Wunderground are giving small DIY artists the opportunity to release 7″ singles to thousands of subscribers. This is an amazing thing during the music industry’s current state. It’s a real niche but people are loving it and I’d very much love to get involved myself.

All in all physical music like vinyl is the most personal way to appreciate and engage with music. Everything is an experience, from exploring through countless records at your local store, to purchasing the record and knowing it’s yours, and to finally take it home, rip open the cellophane in all your excitement, and listen to it in all its glory.”
Sam Gillbanks

GILLBANKS’ EP, “Lend Me Your Skin” is in stores now via Tusk Records.

GILLBANKS Official | Facebook | Twitter

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