Needle Drop: Ex Libras, “Leap of Faith”

Quite often bands become known for a specific skill they have. For the Arctic Monkeys, it’s Alex Turner’s ability with lyrics. With Muse, it’s Matt Bellamy’s guitar and vocal prowess. And for Razorlight, it was Jonny Borrell’s ego.

Well, for Ex Libras—it’s their mastery of tension and release. Going back through previous records, they show time and time again that building a song piece-by-piece toward a climactic moment when the brakes are released and the sound pours out, is such an effective way to create engaging and beautiful music.

Their latest video for “Leap of Faith,” the second track to be taken from their current EP “Woe,” shows us in the simplest way the band doing just that. For some, a video of the band simply playing their track with a couple of arty shots thrown in would bore me to tears, but Ex Libras are such great live performers that you can’t help but be glued. Amit Sharma, Kieran Nagi, and Ross Kenning almost throw themselves around the set, hitting their instruments as much as playing them, relaying a sense of the emotion behind the track.

If you haven’t come across them before, this is a great demonstration of what makes Ex Libras a great band. Also, check out “Woe,” out now via Wirebird Records.

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