Needle Drop: HAWK, “Below” b/w “Can’t Explain”

Fast becoming known for their beguiling, ethereal creations, Berlin-based HAWK follow the success of singles “Once Told,” “Take It Away,” “Mirror Maze,” and most recently “Sin,” with the release of a brand new AA side.

Steeped in the band’s trademark spellbinding grace, “Below” takes its inspiration from Irish history—the Catholic church and its mistreatment of women—a subject of which front-woman Julie Hawk feels passionately. Flowing with delicate, twinkling melodies and sweeping celestial vocals, gritty undertones start to surface as the track progresses, building to a sudden raging blast of fury. Of the track, Julie explains:

“… as an Irish woman, both looking back at how women were treated in the past and the desperate lack of progress today, I feel betrayed by my country. We’re still fighting for basic reproductive rights for women and seeing an embarrassing response from our government.”

Accompanying single “Can’t Explain” is a heavier offering. A reaction to people’s willful ignorance and the power that privilege has to erase the voices of those that most need to be heard, it’s propelled by a dark, angst-driven energy.

As thrashing riffs create a riotous, grunge-inspired sound and a swirling sense of urgency, Julie’s soaring vocals are as bewitching as they are powerful. Rising with a furious intensity, it’s an incredibly poignant, hard-hitting offering that showcases HAWK’s immense and versatile musical skill and their acute social awareness.

AA side “Can’t Explain” / “Below” is in stores now via Veta Records.

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