Needle Drop:
Josh Thorpe,
Love & Weather

It may be a questionable choice to move from Canada to Glasgow but we won’t hold that against him. Alt-rock newcomer Josh Thorpe recently released his latest album Love & Weather, taking you on an off-kilter journey from start to finish.

Opening with the super lo-fi “Rita and George,” the eight minute long release sets the tone for the album wonderfully. Discordant guitar twangs are met with Josh’s colloquially Canadian vocal tone, allowing Josh to introduce the listener to the release in his own weird and wonderful way.

Next up is Thorpe’s debut single “Manhattan” and probably the most “commercial” rock tune on the album. Channelling the likes of Pulp, Thorpe creates a sound that is both infectious and introspective. The single is a dissonant celebration of New York, idle moments—and not getting to meet Thurston Moore, naturally.

Thorpe’s latest release “Down To The Ground” feels instantly reminiscent of the likes of Lou Reed as Thorpe shows a more vulnerable side to himself and his voice as well. The song is subtle, charming, and a welcome change-up among the already diverse album. “Why Try” then picks up the pace once more with its raucous guitar twangs that gives the track an almost blues-y element to it.

A pointed, downbeat, and reflective track, “Why Try” illustrates the depth of Thorpe’s discontent with the modern world we inhabit. Penultimate track “Honeysuckle and Moon” channels the Dirty Three and Yo La Tengo a bit as the pace is slowed once more to enable Thorpe’s distinctive vocal to soar over the atmospheric and introspective musicality. With the rather sombre “Mountains (Styles Régionaux),” it seems as though our experimental journey with Josh has come to a close.

Filled with both high and low tones, Love & Weather altogether is an extremely accomplished album that is certainly worth a listen for fans of lo-fi fuzzy rock.

Love & Weather is in stores now.

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