TVD Live Shots:
Sea Girls at Brixton Academy, 10/15

Imagine this. A new band sign a deal with a major record company, records a brilliant debut album, releases it, is praised by critics, then a pandemic hits. The tour is canceled, the record release party is postponed, and the world shuts down. That’s precisely what happened to UK indie-rock darlings Sea Girls. Now, as live music gets back on track across the country, fans who have waited patiently for the tour dates to get rescheduled for a second and third time are ready, and with the pressure on, Sea Girls delivered big time.

The band is playing tour dates initially scheduled for 2020 while their sophomore record waits in the wings with a January 2022 release. These are the types of scenarios that bands have to deal with as the world opens back up—fulfilling previous tour obligations while setting up the release of their new album. One would think that maybe the fans could have lost interest, but it’s had the exact opposite effect. The shows are bigger, and the excitement is peaking, and a sold-out Brixton Academy welcomed Sea Girls back with open arms while singing every song at the top of their lungs.

Due to the unique situation of one tour celebrating two albums, the setlist was a mix of pre-pandemic favorites and a handful of brand new songs. Sea Girls have a bit of an ’80s new wave sound to them while also reminiscent of the early 2000s Britpop movement; songs dripping with emotionally intelligent lyrics. These guys are smart songwriters, and frontman Henry Camamile writes some of the best lyrics of the past decade.

It would be easy to write Sea Girls off as just another band chalking up a few hits and going through the motions. While there’s nothing screaming originality necessarily, they take a familiar sound and put their own spin on it. Furthermore, “All I Want to Hear You Say” is one of the best modern rock songs I’ve ever heard, and one that should be appealing enough to break them wide open in the States when they get the chance. Even the great Sam Fender finds it incredibly challenging to crack the US, much like those who came before including Travis, Elbow, Feeder, etc. I think the instant appeal of these songs will make the difference when it comes time.

The new songs are in the same vein but with a more serious and personal approach to them. This should be expected since it was recorded during the lockdown. “Again Again” has a bit of a U2 feel, while “Sick” is the sort of mashup of influences that defines the band. Both tracks are from the forthcoming album, Homesick, which arrives in stores on January 22nd through Polydor.

Catch the band now as they are still fulfilling dates they should have carried out in 2020—and watch for big things from these guys in 2022. I feel like they are still just getting started.

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