Recording With The Pete From The Bouncing Souls

The Pete mans the ship inside Little Eden Studios

Today rules period the end. Why? Because in a few hours I’ll be working on recording my bands next EP with none other than Pete Steinkopf of The Bouncing Souls. We got started with The Pete at The Soul’s own Little Eden Studios earlier this week, and I couldn’t be more pleased with how everything is going.

We’re on our way to another perfect recording and days like today are why I have stuck with being a counterculture subscriber via music for half of my life. I was looking through my diary (yes there are some musings I do no publish) and I thought it would be fun to share some of what I had written during our last recording session with Pete from about a year ago for our previous release Bringing Wreck. Bringing Wreck? Yeah, that’s what we do every time we play.)

When we first went to Little Eden a year ago, I didn’t know Pete at all, save the fact that you know, The Souls tour internationally to sold out audiences in every hemisphere. That’s all. Just that little fact. I didn’t know what to expect, especially being a non-traditional frontman. It’s a mixed bag for females in rock, especially if you’re not a bass player (which people seem more comfortable with for some reason) Sometimes you get weird macho douchebag vibes from guys who think you’re better off being a groupie.

K Conroy Tears It Up In The Studio Earlier This Week

I had of course never heard one ill word about Pete in my life, but things like that hang in the back of your mind when you’re a minority within a minority ( If any chicks, especially women of color, are out there and thinking of starting a band DO IT!!) When I first started playing out I didn’t think anyone would get the sound we were going for. We still don’t sound like other bands that are around these days. So I was hella scared that the accomplished Souls guitarist, with no less than 8 studio albums of his own behind him, might be a bit skeptical about what I was doing with a rock band.

However, I’ve come to learn that rock and roll doesn’t disappoint. I could be an immigrant girl from a developing nation, and Pete could be a white guy that was from the suburbs of NJ; but music is so universal that those differences don’t matter at all. I do believe a more powerful and complete force that unites in that way is impossible to find.

M Smith Be Slappin’ Da Bass, Man

From my diary: 4/11/2010

Hey ya,

SO what’s happening is the band is doing superamasingfantasticwonderful. PETE from The Bouncing Souls is recording our EP. It sounds f—ing sick insane incredible. So good y’all, so good. He’s so great! … I can’t believe the performances he got out of us. So wonderful insane incredible fantastic. Pete said to me, “Talk about having a Devil inside!” OH YEAH is what I have to say to that! …

Hell Yeah by The Obvious Music

What’s real nice is that he treats me 100% equal and fully acknowledges my position in the band. I told him Dr. Dr. needed to be nastier and he got it 100%. HE likes the songs a lot I think and he called the chorus of “Hell Yeah” a celebration. A celebration! And especially complimented me on my lyrics which I f—ing love and am flattered by. I personally really love how Hell Yeah turned out—they’re all amazing but that one is especially close to my heart. My dividends are finally returning! Hallelujah, Amen!

If you haven’t already, listen to Bringing Wreck. It will change your life. It changed mine. 😉


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