UK Artist of the Week: oh800

This week’s Artist of the Week is eccentric post-punk trio oh800. With the release of their debut album Character Building imminent, these three guys have been pulling out all the stops to make sure it gets the appreciation it deserves.

The band’s latest release from the album is the undeniably catchy “Melanin.” Filled with jangling guitars, fuzzy synth beats, and the trio’s killer harmonies throughout, this single is a sure-fire hit from the offset. Frontman Eoin Rooney’s vocal style has previously been compared to that of LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy and we can see why, however what Rooney uniquely manages to do is write poignant lyrics alongside his colloquial phrasing to create something that is highly relatable.

Of the track, Rooney elaborates “We had the music for this song kicking around for quite a while, but the lyrics came after a young black kid was killed by a police officer in our area of London. The officer thought he swallowed a suspicious package and chased him down. You know the rest… Meanwhile on the same streets, middle class white people walk around every weekend with suspicious packages in their pockets, suspicion free. That pisses me off. So I wrote a song about it.” Well said Rooney, well said.

Character Building is in stores on 12th October 2018 via Infinite Jest Records.

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The TVD Storefront

Graded on a Curve:
Two Niles to Sing a Melody: The Violins
& Synths of Sudan

While the output of Ostinato Records is still small, through the guiding hand of founder Vik Sohonie the Grammy-nominated label has already unveiled a deeply researched wealth of enlightenment succinctly described by the endeavor’s mission statement: “Afrophone stories from the Atlantic to Indian Ocean.” Previously, they’ve delved into the sounds of Haiti, Cape Verde and Somalia, and in 2018 have continued to travel, with the excellent new compilation Two Niles to Sing a Melody: The Violins & Synths of Sudan Ostinato’s second release to focus on the country of the title. Available as a 3LP gatefold on 140-gram wax with a 20-page booklet and as a 2CD bookcase with 36-page booklet, it’s out now.

Ostinato isn’t one of those late-arriving cash-in-hand labels poised to simply scoop up and platter the results of others’ diligence while reclining back as the modest profits and larger plaudits roll in. No, the label’s driving force Vik Sohonie is a true world traveler holding the passion of a fan, the curiosity of an archivist, and the desire to share what he’s uncovered. To an extent, Ostinato reminds me of a cross between John Storm Roberts’ Original Music label and the info-rich approach of Smithsonian-Folkways, or more appropriate to the current moment, Atlanta GA’s Dust-to-Digital.

If you want to not just hear the music of various global cultures but understand its context, Ostinato is a still young but reliably solid resource, and Two Niles to Sing a Melody only deepens this circumstance. It documents the era in Sudan prior to the violent coup of 1989, a fertile period described by the collection’s co-compiler, Sudanese poet and actress Tamador Sheikh Eldin Gibreel as “a time for culture, writers, artists, sculptors, fine arts, the musicians, and the people in the theater.”

It was time under the rule of Gafaar Muhammad Nimeiry, who seized power in 1969. He instigated a long period of support for the arts, though it was a political maneuver that as hardline Islamists established a foothold in the mainstream, was also ended by Nimeiry; in 1983 he imposed Sharia Law in Sudan with matters only worsening after Omar Al Bashir took power in 1989 (a coup removed Nimeiry three years before).

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A morning mix of news for the vinyl inclined

In rotation: 9/18/18

Rochester, IN | BIZ BUZZ: Record Farm adding second location in Rochester. Second store will be next to The Times Theater: A record store housed next to a historic theater in Logansport will have a similar neighbor in Rochester when it opens its second location. The Record Farm, next to the State Theatre in downtown Logansport, is opening a new store at 618 Main St. in downtown Rochester next to The Times Theater. “It’s a mirror image of what we’re doing in Logansport,” said Matt Swisher, who co-owns The Record Farm with Adam Wilson. Just like with The State, The Record Farm’s Rochester location will serve as The Times’ box office. Tickets for the The State Theatre’s events will be for sale at the Rochester record store as well.

Norman, OK | Guestroom Records to celebrate 15 years: “…We are small and flexible. We don’t have a corporate ethos, so there aren’t a lot of hurdles to making a change in our stores,” Muir said. “It’s, ‘Do you wanna do this?’ ‘Yes, let’s do it.’” There’s also the vinyl resurgence, which Guestroom caught onto ahead of the curve. Billboard reported that 2017 marked vinyl sales’ 12th straight year of growth, comprising 14 percent of all physical album sales that year. While Guestroom does carry CDs, its inventory has shifted heavily in favor of vinyl records since opening, and not just the punk and indie variety that spurred the store’s creation…“When major labels figured out what independent labels were doing, more pop albums came out on vinyl all of a sudden, and there was nowhere else for people to buy them. We were the place to go if you wanted to buy a punk record; we’re now the place to go if you want to buy any record.”

Melbourne, AU | Win big at the Australian Record Fair: Part of the 2018 Melbourne International Hi-Fi Show that takes place across three great days in October, the Australian Record Fair is the only 3-day event of its type in the country. This year promises to be the fair to top all other records fairs with seller’s tables sold out in a staggering six days. If the rare and exotic vinyl, not to mention the tasty bargains are not enough, the show’s organisers and sponsors are giving you even more reasons to come along and win big. Just spend more than $50 with any vendor, and you’ll get a ticket into the daily raffle drawn in the Record Fair at the end of each day. Each day a fantastic Music Hall MMF 1.5 turntable (valued at $599 RRP each) will be up for grabs thanks to Convoy.

Philippines | The state of OPM in vinyl: We all know that vinyl records are back with a vengeance. Now, how is the Original Pilipino Music (OPM) market coping? We were able to speak to some re-sellers of OPM albums and unanimously, the most sought records from local artists are the Juan dela Cruz Band, the Dawn, and Identity Crisis in that order. Then there are a host of others: Maria Cafra, Judas, APO Hiking Society, and the Gapo compilation are also in demand. They sell for a lot of money depending on their condition. In fact, some command outrageous prices that are more than enough to make a down payment on a car. The cheapest price you will find for old records pressed in the 1970s or 1980s is P1,000. They mostly sell for a lot of money. When compact discs became all the rage in the 1990s, local record companies slowly stopped pressing music on vinyl. That is until the new millennium when indie and underground bands began producing their own material.

Sufjan Stevens to reissue ‘Songs For Christmas’ on vinyl for first time: All of the collection’s 42 tracks will be pressed in time for the holidays Sufjan Stevens has announced plans to reissue his 2006 ‘Songs for Christmas’ collection on Vinyl for the first time. The artist’s longtime record label Asthmatic Kitty revealed the plans to put out the box set on November 9th and the collection will feature all 42 songs of the original release. The tracks will be spread out over five EPs. The label have also detailed that the original package design will be included with the collection, which includes drawings created by Stevens, a painted family portrait, chord charts and lyric sheets for the tracks. Each year between 2001 and 2010, Stevens recorded Christmas tracks to give as gifts to his friends and family. ‘Songs For Christmas’ is comprised of the first five year’s worth of those tracks and was originally released in 2006.

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TVD Washington, DC

TVD Live: MC50 and
the Detroit Cobras at
the 9:30 Club, 9/11

WASHINGTON, DC – SEPTEMBER 11: MC5 (Motor City 5) performs at 930 Club in Washington, DC on September, 11 2018 during the MC50 event. (Photo by Richie Downs)

PHOTOS: RICHIE DOWNSHistory swirled around the rare booking of MC50 at the 9:30 Club Tuesday. Yes, it was the half century anniversary of the debut LP of the Motor City Five. In addition, a couple of weeks earlier had marked 50 years since the Democratic National Convention police riots in Chicago, where the MC5 served as house band amid the tear gas of Grant Park. And here they were in Washington, on the anniversary of 9/11.

Anyone expecting the lone survivor of the band to come out doddering had another thing coming. Guitarist Wayne Kramer was, if anything, at 70, the most active person in the reconstituted band, swirling and kicking his way onto the set and continuing his high energy approach to what looked to be the same stars and stripes guitar he used back in the day. He also grinned ear to ear during most of the show, as did the younger rockers surrounding him in playing the band’s classics.

WASHINGTON, DC – SEPTEMBER 11: MC5 (Motor City 5) performs at 930 Club in Washington, DC on September, 11 2018 during the MC50 event. (Photo by Richie Downs)

Chief among them was guitarist Kim Thayil of Soundgarden, touring for the first time since the death of Chris Cornell in May 2017. He largely provided solid rhythm while leaving Kramer to do his explosive originating solos. But there were several times when the two combined forces to trade off solos as on “Rocket Reducer No. 62 (Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa)” and “Borderline.” Mostly it was good to see him back in action on stage.

Billy Gould of Faith No More held down the bass, and the biggest roar all might may have been for hometown hero Brendan Canty of Fugazi on drums, slamming it out all night. But they found something special in 6-foot-7 front man Marcus Durant of the San Francisco band Zen Guerrilla, who seems to have reincarnated the very spirit of Rob Tyner, from the wild Afro to the lanky loose-jointed moves and especially the blues-tinged yowl. After Kramer was done with just about the only song he ever sang lead on, “Ramblin’ Rose,” it was Durant taking over lead vocals on the premature rush for the anthemic “Kick Out the Jams.”

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The TVD Storefront

TVD Radar: The Complete Cuban Jam Sessions 5 LP Box Set
in stores 11/9

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Craft Recordings is proud to announce the release of The Complete Cuban Jam Sessions 5-LP and 5-CD box sets on November 9, 2018. Compiled here in their entirety and original format for the first time, the five volumes of Panart’s Cuban Jam Session albums were recorded over a span of almost a decade, from 1956-1964. Together these albums encapsulate a stylistic and historic panorama of Cuban music, from big band son montuno to Afro-Cuban rumba, mambo, cha-cha-chá, and country acoustic guajira music. At the same time, they attest to Cuba’s long relationship with popular American music and jazz.

Collectively these sessions feature an impressive line-up of renowned pioneers of descarga (improvised jam session), including pianist Julio Gutiérrez, tres player Niño Rivera, flautist José Fajardo, and the legendary master bassist and mambo co-creator, Israel “Cachao” López. Participating musicians include the legendary percussionist Tata Güines, trombone master Generoso Jiménez, pioneering Cuban jazz drummer Guillermo Barreto, Cachao’s brother and co-father of the mambo Orestes López, ground-breaking timbales player/drummer Walfredo de los Reyes, Sr., jazz-influenced pianist Pedro Jústiz “Peruchín”, and Cuban scat singer Francisco Fellove, among many others.

The 5-LP set includes 35 tracks on 180-gram audiophile vinyl in tip-on jackets. It offers a 28-page book featuring black-and-white archival images of the featured artists as well as extensive liner notes and musician bios in English and Spanish by award-winning Latin music writer, Cuban music specialist and box set co-producer, Judy Cantor-Navas. The 5-CD version comes packaged in mini-jacket replicas of the vinyl jackets and is supplemented by an extensive 96-page CD booklet.

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The TVD Storefront

Needle Drop:
Roan Yellowthorn,

Roan Yellowthorn release thoughtful, dream pop LP Indigo.

Roan Yellowthorn is the moniker of Jackie McLean, daughter of iconic folk and rock & roll artist Don McLean, whose deft melodic sensibilities were not lost on his indie darling offspring.

Mining a deep ’90s vein of gorgeous Lilith Fair acoustic pop, Roan Yellowthorn’s Indigo LP manages to be both charmingly retro and confessional. Hooks abound throughout the record, but McLean really breaks out on “Mark My Words” with a devilishly distorted jazz vocal that is as raw and truthful as anything her father ever sung.

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The TVD Storefront

Henry Nowhere,
The TVD First Date

“My first experience with vinyl was probably around third grade, listening to my Dad’s old Dr. Demento records. He’s the DJ that discovered Weird Al. I got a real kick out of “Flying Purple People Eater,” “Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini,” and “Camp Granada.””

“My dad’s collection was largely great bluegrass like Doc Watson, New Grass Revival, and David Grisman along with some country rock gems like The Allman Brothers’ Eat A Peach whose immensely psychedelic inner cover adorned my brothers wall for many years. My sister’s room was covered wall to wall with Beatles posters and what seemed to be every album cover of theirs. She was the cool one.

In High School my brother Jack (keyboardist for Day Wave) got turntables meant for scratching and mixing. So many funny, stoned, and ultimately embarrassing freestyles went down over that stack of breaks and beat records. The best beat I was able to make with that turntable was with a break beat and the 16 second intro track on George Benson’s album Breezin’, picked from my mom’s collection. I broke the needle while my brother was out skating one day and that was that.

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The TVD Storefront

Graded on a Curve:
Nervous Night

Remember the Hooters? I know, I know, I wish I could forget them too. I found their meteoric, mid-eighties rise to stardom utterly depressing, and what made it worse was that I was living in Philadelphia–ground zero of the Hooters’ phenomenon–at the time.

Talk about your civic shame. Fantastic things were happening in NYC and LA and Minneapolis and just about everywhere else, really, and what did we get? Five boobs with all the edge of a safety razor. All I could do was hang my head and say thank god for the Dead Milkmen.

Guitarist Eric Bazilian and keyboardist Rob Hyman made their bones on Cyndi Lauper’s immensely fun She’s So Unusual, but the fun stopped there. When it came time to record 1985’s Nervous Night they settled for bland and, thanks to MTV, Rolling Stone (which dubbed the Hooters the best new band of 1986), and lots of record buyers willing to settle for bland, found themselves with a platinum LP on their hands. All you zombies indeed.

Earnest and anodyne, the Hooters aimed for faceless small arena rock and hit their target; first they won over the kids of Philly, then they conquered Australia. And they did it with thin gruel; Nervous Night is a lackluster collection of clunky, wannabe rousing tunes, three of them taken straight off their 1983 independent release Amore, and one of them (gak!) an Arthur Lee cover.

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A morning mix of news for the vinyl inclined

In rotation: 9/17/18

We could be looking at a new standard called “HD-Vinyl”: …The standards for the manufacture of vinyl records have served us well, but because of the rise of the CD in the 80s and 90s, none of those standards have been revised since 1978. That’s about to change. With vinyl sales into their 11th year of double-digit growth, the recording industry has decided that it’s time to bring the old manufacturing standards into the 21st century. Some new upgraded specifications are sorely needed. But like what? One term that’s being thrown around is HD-Vinyl, records created by a new laser-guided process that allegedly results in a longer-playing record with better fidelity than anything we see today. And yes, it has to be backward-compatible for turntables and styluses used today.

Washington, DC | Ira Sabin, D.C. record-store owner, founder of JazzTimes magazine, dies at 90: …In 1962, he bought out a brother-in-law who had a record store, renaming it Sabin’s Discount Records. The store, at Ninth and U streets NW, was in the heart of Washington’s thriving jazz district, within walking distance of two theaters and six jazz clubs. The shop carried one of the country’s largest collections of jazz recordings, and musicians often stopped by to shop and chat. “He seemed to attract folks and had this bon-vivant manner,” Lee Mergner, a former editor and publisher of JazzTimes, said in an interview. “In Ira’s world, people were all ‘cats’ and ‘chicks.’ He called everybody ‘baby’ and ‘man.’

Urban Legends Reissues Kurtis Blow’s Landmark Self-Titled Debut, ‘Kurtis Blow,’ On Standard & Limited Edition Gold Vinyl: Urban Legends/UMe has reissued the out-of-print debut LP by Kurtis Blow on standard black vinyl. In addition, a gold vinyl edition—inspired by “The Breaks,” which is the first Gold certified rap song—will also be released. In 1980, hip-hop found a charismatic orator who could comfortably represent the genre underneath its ever-expanding spotlight. Kurtis Blow, a young Harlem kid who studied communication in college was the perfect fit—handsome, squeaky-clean, and ready to represent the new-yet-growing landscape of rap. “The Breaks” was an early smash single that helped not only launch Blow’s career, but also positioned rap as something that could be popularized beyond the fleeting trend it was originally perceived as.

Jimi Hendrix’s ‘Electric Ladyland’ Gets 50th-Anniversary Deluxe Release Including Live SBD Of 1968 Hollywood Bowl Show: On October 16, 1968, The Jimi Hendrix Experience released their final album, Electric Ladyland. The sprawling double-LP opus proved to be the last studio album Hendrix would release before his death in 1970. The album has been lauded as one of the greatest of all time, largely because of the famously inspired, experimental state of mind that Hendrix maintained while working on the record. Now, fans can revisit Electric Ladyland and that creatively fruitful period in Jimi’s brief life from every angle with an upcoming 50th-anniversary deluxe edition package. The Electric Ladyland deluxe addition will feature outtakes, live concert recordings, a documentary on the making of the album, photo inserts, a book, and more, and is set to be released on November 9th.

Despite Streaming Revolution, Vinyl Resurgence Continues To Grow: The vinyl resurgence is showing continued growth, with vinyl album sales growing from 3.23 million to 4.1 million units from 2016 to 2017 according to the British Phonographic Industry (BPI). Five years ago Radio Facts predicted the resurgence of Vinyl and Record Player Nostalgia. The ‘experience’ that baby boomers grew up with when it came to buying records was completely lost in the CD and the digital era. In the face of the industry-revolutionizing rise of streaming, the rebirth of vinyl was an initial surprise. Speaking to Music Week, Karen Emanuel (CEO of Key Production, manufacturer of CD, DVD, and vinyl) noted “I thought we would see a plateau in vinyl before now and we haven’t. For us, the format is still growing.”

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TVD Washington, DC

TODAY! The DC Record Fair returns to U Street Music Hall!

Back in its 9th year is Washington, DC’s twice yearly record rummage, The DC Record Fair, which sets up for an almost Fall edition at U Street Music Hall on Sunday, September 16, 2018.

At this event we’ll have 24 vinyl vendors from DC and up and down the East Coast, the anticipated DJ line up, the bar, the food, and special raffle items up for grabs just for coming through the door, all of which make the DC Record Fair a special community event.

11:00-12:00 – Jim Byers (WPFW FM)
12:00-1:00 – Johnson Lee (Joe’s Record Paradise)
1:00-2:00 – Mike Bernstein (Home Rule Records)
2:00-3:00 – Marc Cisneros (Des Demonas, Make-Up, Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds)
3:00-4:00 – Rayblev (Heavy Psych)
4:00-5:00 – Nicktha1da (DC Vinyl Headz)

Now, about those raffle items—our friends at I.M.P., the folks behind the 9:30 Club and The Anthem, have have generously put together 3 ticket giveaways for simply attending the DC Record Fair on Sunday. Enter to win a pair of tickets among 2 individual prizes or 1 grand prize upon entry:

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TVD Los Angeles

TVD’s The Idelic Hour with Jon Sidel

Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

Where did you go when things went wrong baby? / Who did you run to / And find a shoulder to lay your head upon? / Baby wasn’t I there? / Didn’t I take good care of you? / No no, I can’t believe you’re leaving me / Stay with me baby / Please, stay with me baby / Ooh, stay with me baby / I can’t go on

Through the years the Idelic Hour has served as my diary, my inspiration, and my mental salvation. Being in the music biz, in recent years I’ve often had to explain my taste in songwriting. Yeah, “for sure” I can appreciate and enjoy a lyric that gets you out to Target to buy a new mop as good as the next industry “creative,” but for my hour of listening, the words need to mean more. A grand lyric can be a pipeline to the soul, transporting a listener from a mundane life to a state of bliss. Plain and simple, great songs keep me going—I ain’t kidding.

Serious shit man. “The lyric” rules, and is commonly the source of my assorted weekly Idelic muses. In fact today, September 14th, is a date that holds a special place in my heart. The lyrical “baby” come to mind. In its slang form,”baby” is a magical rock ‘n’ roll word as it has been for decades from the first delta blues singers—it’s a soulful cry to a lover.

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The TVD Storefront

Demand it on Vinyl: Badfinger and Wish You Were Here expanded editions in stores 11/2

VIA PRESS RELEASE | Badfinger and Wish You Were Here—two overlooked ’70s albums for Warner Bros. followed their previous releases on The Beatles’ Apple label.

Everything seemed rosy when, upon conclusion of their contract with Apple, Badfinger signed a new deal with Warner Bros. in 1973 for a big advance, but right away things went south as the label rushed the band into the studio and ended up releasing Badfinger at about the same time as Apple released the band’s last record for the label, Ass. Not to mention Warner Bros. rejected the band’s title for the record, For Love or Money, leaving the record without any title at all.

Of course, commercial confusion ensued, and Badfinger sold poorly, even though it boasted such solid tunes as “Lonely You,” “Shine On,” and “Love Is Easy.” Real Gone’s Expanded Edition features the unreleased song “Love My Lady,” plus nine more outtakes from the album sessions…time to discover (or rediscover) one of the gems in the band’s catalog.

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TVD New Orleans

Hep Cat brings Portugal. The Man and Chicano Batman to the Sugar Mill tonight, 7/14

Hep Cat Entertainment, one of New Orleans’ most innovative independent promoters, is bringing one of the most exciting tours of the season to New Orleans. Eclectic rockers Portugal. The Man are riding high after their Grammy win last year and Chicano Batman is gaining more and more followers and attention for their unique mix of genres that could only have been birthed by four Latinos out of Los Angeles. They play at the Sugar Mill tonight.

I first saw Portugal. The Man on one of the small stages at the Voodoo Fest long before the festival moved to City’s Park’s new festival grounds and began focusing more on EDM, mainstream rock, and hip hop acts. I first saw Chicano Batman on the tiny stage at Euclid Records.

Portugal. The Man has been on Atlantic Records since 2010 and have been growing in popularity with each album. Their Grammy win came in the category of “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance” for the song “Feel It Still.” Their latest album, Woodstock, is another musical coup featuring lead singer John Gourley’s easy rapport and vocal synergy with his partner and background singer Zoe Manville.

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The TVD Storefront

Graded on a Curve:
The Doobie Brothers,
What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits

Or, What Were Once Harmless Affectations Are Now Threats to the Public Good. When it comes to the Doobie Brothers I’ll never be able to say it better than The Village Voice’s Robert Christgau, who dismissed the band’s 1976 Takin’ It to the Streets with the words, “You can lead a Doobie to the studio, but you can’t make him think.” But that’s not going to stop me from trying.

But before I do that, I should ‘fess up. I like a fair number of Doobie Brothers songs, probably because I heard them as a kid on AM radio and if you can get a kid at the right age and deny him anything better he’ll lap any old shit up.

I grew up in a tiny town in the middle of nowhere where the notion of a real rocking time was going to the CYO dances on Saturday night, and every single one of the faceless bands that played those dances tossed a few Doobie Brothers into the mix. You were as certain to hear “China Grove” as you were to hear “Colour My World.”

So there it is, I’m fucked for life and need some serious deprogramming I’m never going to get if only because I don’t really want to be deprogrammed. I get off on the stupid circle in the round singing on “Black Water” and always will.

But hey, I wouldn’t be a world-famous rock critic if I weren’t able to put my own feelings aside (yeah, right) and don the mantle of objectivity, and by any objective standards the Doobie Brothers produced lowest common denominator rock for the common man, like Grand Funk or Three Dog Night only with a little more boogie in ‘em. When you can dismiss a band with the words, “Yeah, well, they rock harder than Loggins & Messina” that band is in trouble, and it didn’t help that the Doobies never put out a truly solid LP. You have to go to their greatest hits album for that.

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A morning mix of news for the vinyl inclined

In rotation: 9/14/18

Stourbridge, UK | Kiki & Henry’s Record Fair returns to Stourbridge’s Talbot Hotel: Kiki & Henry’s Record Fair is back this Saturday (September 15) – providing Stourbridge music lovers with another chance to add to their vinyl collection. The event will take place at The Talbot Hotel, Stourbridge High Street, from 11am to 4pm. Traders old and new will have a vast selection of vinyl records on offer to suit all tastes and pockets. Both pre-loved and brand new music will be available, with rarities, classic titles and bargains to be found. Music books, memorabilia and CDs will also be for sale. Entry is 50p.

Stuart Semple, Jeremy Deller and more leading artists create turntables to raise money for mental health charity: World famous artists have designed a series of record turntables for this year’s Secret 7″ project, to raise money for mental health charity MIND. The auction ends tonight. See details and our interview with artist Stuart Semple below. Earlier this year, the likes of Primal Scream, London Grammar, Manic Street Preachers and Jeff Buckley all had songs contributed to the project that saw over 700 designers choose a track by one of seven selected artists, before designing a one-of- a kind sleeve design for a limited 7” vinyl release. Just 100 copies of each track were pressed, with the identity of each record’s designer remains a mystery until it was purchased.

Sydney, AU | One of the most beloved venues in all of Glebe, The Record Crate, is set to close its doors this weekend. Since opening its doors six years ago, The Record Crate has become a noted hangout for fans of the New South Wales music scene. Between selling vinyl, hosting gigs, and serving up drinks and food, it has managed to serve as a rather unique venue, with acts such as Georgia Maq, Fierce Mild, and Cheap Fakes performing there in recent times. Now, it’s all set to come to an end on Sunday, September 16th. In a since-deleted Facebook post last night, organisers at The Record Crate broke the news to their dedicated followers. “To all the brilliant bands, soloists, poets, story tellers, DJ’s, punks, rockers, metal heads, international artists, regulars, visitors, dog lovers, chefs, wait/bar staff, friends, and family, we have had the most amazing adventure and we hope you have too,” they wrote.

San Diego, CA | Free hip-hop and BBQ: Hip-hop promotor celebrates 2-year anniversary of Skoolyard Records in Oceanside. In 1988, when he was 9, Rizaldy Cruz moved with his family from the Philippines to Oceanside’s Deep Valley neighborhood, which was at that time was teeming with gang activity. Cruz, who has long been known as DJ Kid Riz, eschewed gang activity and instead became one of the most prolific local promoters of all things hip-hop. “We started the Higher Dimension or H-D B-Boy dance crew. We would dance anywhere we could, at house parties, in garages.” The crew got noticed with their impromptu shows in front of the Oceanside Pier-adjacent amphitheater locals call the bandshell. Crowds assembled as each H-D crew member hit the deck while a boom box belted tunes…Skoolyard Records celebrates its two-year anniversary with an in-house show featuring MCs and B-Boy dance crews Saturday, September 15, from 2 to 8 pm. The free admission show includes complimentary BBQ.

Massive Attack releasing 20th anniversary edition of Mezzanine on 3xLP: In a heat sensitive box, with a previously unheard Mad Professor remix from the 1998 sessions. Massive Attack are releasing a remastered limited edition version of their 1998 album Mezzanine on triple coloured vinyl, this December via Virgin EMI. The triple coloured vinyl package comes housed in a heat sensitive box, with a book containing images by photographer Nick Knight and Massive Attack’s Robert Del Naja. Mezzanine features remastered versions of the original album, along with 8 additional tracks, including a previously unheard Mad Professor remix from the 1998 sessions. Earlier this year, the band also encoded Mezzanine into DNA to mark the album’s 20th anniversary.

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