The Best in Canadian & International Talent comes to Toronto for NXNE June 13-19

It’s a red letter year for NXNE as it has been for Candian music all around! From Shad to Fucked Up, Red Mass to Candy Coated Killahz, we are getting pretty darn excited for what’s to come just seven short days from now!!

650 bands, 40 films, 50 pannels. Phew! Tackling NXNE can be a daunting task. Here are a few picks to help you weed through the plethora of sweet sounds next week from TVD Toronto’s Krishna Nair.

Careers in Science
Toronto band Careers in Science don’t quite fit into the angsty, anarchic niche that punk bands have carved for themselves (and into their arms). In fact, they have taken the joy in Joy Division and gone beyond the dark somberness of DIY punk band depression to create a revelry of virtuosic guitar playing, energetic drumming and pure, uncorrupted rock n roll ideologies. While drawing inspiration from band like Black Flag, Fugazi, Big Black and Minor Threat, all members of the band are unapologetic Devo fans (drummer Eric Borque even sports a Mark Mothersbaugh tattoo). Their shows are lively, devoid of unnecessary banter and a celebration of youth, power and rock n roll.
Rancho Relaxo Wednesday, June 15 @ 1AM

Braids are a sign that music cannot be classified or pigeon-holed nowadays. Some might say the Calgary-based quartet are electronic art rockers while others would place them in the ever-bloating dream pop category. However, ethereal is a word that often gets hurled around when describing Braids, and anyone who has heard vocalist Raphaelle Standell-Preston will testify to their out-of-body exporting skills. Clearly cerebral and as far removed from the mainstream as one can get, Braids offers audience an intoxicating mix of subtle electronica, tribal chants and surreal lyrics. Their shows are carefully constructed to showcase their deft ability to create an atmosphere that is both unreal and comforting at the same time.
The Garrison Friday, June 17 @ 11PM
The Great Hall Saturday, June 18 @ 11PM

Teenage Kicks
Hailing from Toronto, Teenage Kicks (yes, like the classic Undertones track) are a rare entity during these mass produced, autotune-driven, commercial dark ages that we live in. Lead vocalist/guitarist Peter Van Helvoort has a blues-based sensibility that is fundamental to the rock n roll sound yet is thoroughly refreshing to hear today. Teenage Kicks are loud, abrasive and seem to be yelling out to those who have fallen by the rock n roll wayside. They have reduced music to its most basic elements without the filly adornments that are considered de rigueur nowadays. With guitars, drums and vocals all crying out for attention, the Teenage Kicks will ensure that the NXNE stays fun and rambunctious.
The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern Saturday, June 18 @ 9PM

Chang-A-Lang, the lo-fi garage-pop trio from Toronto has always known how to put on a splendid show. With catchy pop hooks, killer guitar riffs and lyrics celebrating the mundane realities of everyday existence Chang-A-Lang certainly appear to be a bunch that enjoys what they doing. This positive energy is transmitted towards their audiences and turned them into one of the most lauded live acts on the indie circuit. Apart from being brilliant musicians, the trio possesses an intellectual sense of humor that gives their songs a quirky quality reminiscent of Wes Anderson flicks. This is certainly one of the most exciting bands to watch out at this year’s NXNE.
Bovine Sex Club Saturday, June 18 @ 11PM

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