TVD Vinyl Giveaway: The Mynabirds Ltd. Ed. “Body of Work” 7″

A myna bird is also known as a starling—a gregarious bird with the ability to reproduce sounds, or a song bird. And it’s true, a bird is the one animal I wish I could be sometimes. The ruckus I’d cause is much too exciting to think about—so instead, let’s talk about the Mynabirds, the band.

As you should well know, the The Mynabirds flew into existence in 2009, fronted by a captivating Laura Burhenn, following the end of her previous DC band, Georgie James. It should also be known that Laura served as a touring member with Bright Eyes in 2011, before the release of her latest album, Generals in 2012 via Saddle Creek. That’s one busy bird, but only the best never stop flying.

The Mynabirds will be migrating to the East Coast to appear at the Black Cat, this Friday, 10/26 supporting AC Newman, so get there early! (This Black Cat likes this Mynabird.) In honor of Laura’s return to DC, we’re giving away a limited edition, colored 7” single!

This sweet 7” features the fun track “Body of Work” from their 2012 critically acclaimed album Generals, paired with the previously unreleased “In the Mouths of Wolves.” Only 1,000 copies of the randomly colored vinyl will be available and as luck should have it, you have a chance to win it before the November 20th release date!

If that isn’t exciting enough, the record is sweetly held in a 4-panel jacket that can be folded into an origami wild horse, a design by Noboru Miyajima. Talk about why we should buy vinyl people!

Let’s transform ourselves into wild horses for this vinyl giveaway. All you have to do is tell us, if you were a wild horse, what would be your horse name and what would you do as a wild horse in the city?

I’ll go first. My wild horse name would be Sidetracked and I’d travel all around DC delivering hand written letters to lovers from secret admirers, except I would totally tell that person exactly who sent me so it wouldn’t be a secret anymore. I’d also appear at shows all up and down H and U Street, offering humans rides back and forth so that they don’t have to drive and find parking. Some people call that a super hero, I call her, Sidetracked.

We’ll choose one winner with a North American mailing address one week from today, 10/31. Good luck vinyl freaks!

10/24: Hoboken, NJ at Maxwell’s*
10/25: Philadelphia, PA at First Unitarian Church*
10/26: Washington, DC at Black Cat*
10/27: Durham, NC at Motorco Music Hall*
10/28: Atlanta, GA at The Earl*
10/29: St. Louis, MO at Duck Room at Blueberry Hill*
10/30: Chicago, IL at Empty Bottle*
11/1: St. Paul, MN at Turf Club*
11/2: Winnipeg, MB (Canada) at West End Cultural Centre*
11/3: Saskatoon, AK at Amigo’s*
11/5: Edmonton, AV (Canada) at Starlite Room*
11/6: Calgary, AB (Canada) at Republik*
11/9: Hood River, OR at Cebu Lounge
11/10: Seattle, WA at Sunset Tavern
11/11: Portland, OR at Doug Fir Lounge
11/13: San Francisco, CA at Rickshaw Stop
11/14: Los Angeles, CA at Bootleg Theatre
11/17: Omaha, NE at Slowdown
* = with AC Newman

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  • LucasDivine

    My wild horse name would be Pony Pony Run Run because whenever someone says it it would be super confusing to anyone around. I’d also glue a giant conical appendage to my head so I look like a Unicorn and then randomly run around DuPont and U Street so people would be like “WTF, I think I just saw a unicorn”. But i’d vanish before they could verify that I am not in fact a unicorn.

  • sunsmellsloud

    My wild horse name would be Silent Bob, and I’d be the comic relief around the bars downtown like movie horses (see: Mask of Zorro, Legend of Zorro, Shanghai Noon, etc.).

  • LaBasquetbol

    As the mix of a race-horse and a vagrant urban cowboy’s steed, my wild horse name is Chain Mail, simply because I live in a world of nostalgia and dream of jousting with all of the young kids speeding down bike lanes on fixed gear bikes. While this remains a dream, my current activity is unionizing the horses being exploited for carriage rides, police work, and other forms of human perfunctoriness.

  • twinkletwats

    My horse name would totally be Spirit (partly because I love the movie). Unlike the movie, I would have healing powers. I could gallop to each land healing the sick and wounded, and cause the local town’s people to have hope for the future. “You have cancer, my dear?” BAM. “Not anymore you don’t!”

  • matthewriecken

    As a horse from the planet Hoof — located in a not-so-distant galaxy, relatively in the same neighhhhborhood as your own Milky Way — I am a descendent of a long lineage of wild, wild horses. My real name is, of course, not pronounceable by Earthlings – but you can call me Charlie. One of my favorite things to do when I’m feeling bored on Hoof is to visit Earth. The trip is exhausting, but it’s definitely worth it. I always run around the cities while wearing my space helmet – the Earthlings’reactions are priceless! On my last trip I took extra helmets for my horse friends on Earth, and we all ran around the city passing out gifts from my home planet to the less fortunate. Billy, one of my horse friends on Earth,had the idea that we all wear capes next time – what a great idea! We’re a band of super-hero horses who enjoy helping those in need.

  • Ashley

    My horse name would be Starfire because that seems appropriate. I would run through the city streets and sidewalks and cause chaos wherever I went. I mean I’m a wild horse in a city, what else would I do.

  • guestmagic

    If I were a horse in DC my name would be Crucible. I would only ride by night, waiting and watching the city’s haunts of ill refute. When comes a stumbling drunkard across my path, I offer a ride, always free of charge. But often, the destination is not what the rider expects. Some are delivered to the River, some are delivered to my favorite gas lamp, some to the hospital and some to AA. Before sunrise, I ride to a monument or statue (rotating between them unsteadily), to collect my thoughts and read my poetry to the nearest person in need.

  • LauraIrene

    The winner has been notifed, please check your email! Thanks to all you vinyl freaks for playing!

  • LauraIrene

    The winner has been notified, please check your email! Thanks to all you vinyl freaks for playing! It was fun.


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