TVD Ticket Giveaway: Concrete Blonde at the 9:30 Club, 12/17

After taking a couple of six year hiatuses, alternative rock band, Concrete Blonde is back… again.

From their start in 1982, Concrete Blonde has released eight studio albums, including their 1989 release Free, which displayed lead singer and bassist Johnette Napolitano‘s songwriting skills through the track “God is a Bullet.” Their 1990 release Bloodletting gained the band popularity through the song “Joey,” which hit No.1 on the US Modern Rock chart.

The Los Angeles band comprises, in addition to Napolitano, James Mankey and Gabriel Ramirez Quezada. Lately, they haven’t really been on back-to-back tours and recording sessions as they were in their earlier years. Rather, they’ve taken it down a notch, releasing songs and planning shows every now and then at their own relaxed pace. Though a far stretch from when their hit song “Joey” was released, Concrete Blonde is still writing hits and performing shows that keep their fans wanting more.

Last January, we interviewed lead singer, bassist, and songwriter of the band, Johnette Napolitano. On the current status of the band, she said, “We’re doing different things in our lives, and our lives have a little more balance than in the old days when it was tunnel vision doing the same thing over and over not stopping to ask anyone why you were doing that.”

Wanna catch the highly accomplished band in concert? Concrete Blonde just so happens to be performing at the 9:30 Club on Monday, December 17, and we are giving away tickets.

In 2011, Concrete Blonde released their most recent tracks, “Rosalie” and “I Know the Ghost,” on white vinyl. A year later, they released a rough cut of their music video for “Rosalie.”

To win your tickets to see Concrete Blonde, drop a comment below naming your favorite song that has a girl’s name in its title. Mine would have to be “Jasey Rae” by All Time Low. 

The winner will be chosen at noon on Friday, December 14. Tickets are still available for purchase.

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  • TN

    “G-L-O-R-I-A !” is my favorite. the Doors loose and lustful version is the best version of the Van Morrison classic ,”Gloria”.

  • Hawk

    “Alison” by Elvis Costello!

  • tinyplankton

    Rhiannon by Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac. Love it.



    • BAT CAT

      …by Concrete Blonde

  • TamoraMartin

    Suzanne — Leonard Cohen

  • curry


  • CMViz

    Every Man Has a Molly by Say Anything. up: Julia Medici by Lysa Flores.

  • CMViz

    Every Man Has a Molly by Say Anything. .Runner up: Julia Medici by Lysa Flores.

  • Frank Boyle

    Isobel by Bjork

  • eagenk

    Kathy’s Song, Simon & Garfunkel, of course!

  • ChrisO1

    “Marie Marie”, by the Blasters, the name so great Phil Alvin sings it twice.  (A guy I used to work with liked the song so much, he wanted to name his daughter “Marie Marie”.  However, his wife’s cooler head prevailed.)

  • Gator70

    Fancy – Bobbie Gentry

  • The Vinyl District

    A winner has been selected – please check your email! Thanks!


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