TVD Ticket Giveaway: Korn at the Fillmore Silver Spring, 5/21

From nu metal to dubstep, there’s really only one act that comes to mind when you say the band whose name is a misspelled fruit*: Korn.

The rockers who helped define pre-millennial guitar music are coming to The Fillmore Silver Spring on May 21, and we’ve got a pair of tickets to give away. How can you get your hands on ’em? It’s as easy as saying “I totally had the Follow The Leader CD in my Discman in 1999.”

Other than being regulars on the Carson Daly-era of TRL and having their singer produce the Chris Angel Theme song, Korn is credited with 10 albums that have sold millions of copies across the globe. The quintet is known for their heavy, overdriven guitar and Jonathan Davis’ unique vocal flairs.

Korn’s 2011 album The Path to Totality caught up with current trends by featuring dubstep all-stars Skrillex12th PlanetExcisionKill the Noise, and Noisia. A new album is expected later this year.

So how can you get your hands on some Korn tickets? It’s easy! In the comments below, tell us your favorite musical act that starts with a K. I’m a huge fan of Japanese-inspired electronic music, so I think I’m going to have to go with kidkanevil.

The winner will be chosen at noon on Monday, May 20.

*My editor cannot get over the fact that corn is indeed a fruit.

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  • crazyredz79

    KORN…. KORN IS THE BEST MUSICAL ACT THAT STARTS WITH A K!! Saw them last time they were at the Filmore and really enjoyed the show – would love to see them again!!! 🙂

  • mp

    besides Korn (obvi, lol)… KRS One

  • MatthewLipinski


  • RouaaMaher


  • NicholasHayes

    Killswitch engage

  • TheAccountant

    Aside from Korn, you’ve got to go with Kajagoogoo. 
    Unless you’re too shy.

  • clumpypigeon

    Killswitch Engage!


    KAMMERFLIMMER KOLLEKTIEF Their name flows so well and there is a double k which i think is an added bonus!

  • sdwig2000


  • LutherChampJr

    Wow ! I must say Korn !Great full speed ahead music.

  • EdithLaChicanaJimenez

    Korn! and Kittie!!

  • FeloniousMax

    The Kinks.

  • ragreen95

    King Crimson. …adrian belew, robert fripp, billl bruford…forget about it

  • IRSheetz

    Kittie, Kix, Kiss, Kataklysm, King Diamond, Killswitch Engage, Kjohnathon Kdavis.

    ok i botched that last one for giggles.

  • SteveWass

    KISS most def.

  • Nork_5

    Well of course Korn, Kittie was the sh*t they made me want to start an all girl rock band and the Killers aren’t to shabby

  • bbhook

    Killing Joke

  • ChrisO1


  • MunnaBanerjee



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