TVD Ticket Giveaway: MGMT at DAR Constitution Hall, 11/26

We’ve got something for you to be thankful for this Thanksgiving: a pair of tickets to see MGMT when they stop by DC on Tuesday, November 26.

Since the success of their first full-length album Oracular Spectacular in 2008, MGMT has quickly become a big-name indie-rock band. From the start, MGMT was recognized as an “Artist to Watch” by Rolling Stone and have since made it on several Top Ten lists, including’s, Billboard’s, and BBC’s. Two years after their debut, the band received Grammy nods in the categories of “Best New Artist” and “Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals” for their single, “Kids.”

Adding to their successes, MGMT has opened for Sir Paul McCartney and has toured with fellow indie-rockers of Montreal. September brought the release of the band’s self-titled, third studio album. To promote the new record, the indie-rockers are currently on tour, making a stop at DC’s DAR Constitution Hall on Tuesday, November 26, and we’re giving away a pair of tickets.

On the new album, the Andrew Vanwyngarden, vocalist, guitarist, and one of the founders of the band, tells Rolling Stone the music is “just what came out of us. We didn’t make a a single compromise.” MGMT streamed in advance exclusively on Rdio, along with a special “Optimizer” visual experience. The music video for the second single “Alien Days” was released on Halloween.

MGMT is an abbreviation for “management,” which was what Andrew Vanwyngarden and Ben Goldwasser originally wanted to name the band. So… for a chance to win a pair of tickets to see MGMT at DAR, leave a comment below with your most-used or your favorite abbreviation. My most-used “text lingo” is LOL, short for “laugh out loud.” I guess I just love to laugh…

A winner will be chosen at noon on Monday, November 25. Tickets are still available for purchase.

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  • Scotttt

    Mine is WTF – I’m constantly being awed

  • Rachel

    I use it more than I want to or should.

  • Egle

    OTT (stands for [this is] over the top) – my quiet non-american contribution to the U.S. love for acronym-speak

  • bfp


    It’s still going strong 20+ years later!

  • Jordan

    Easy WWJD!

  • Dagmawi

    BTWITIAILWU as in “By The Way, I Think I Am In Love With You”
    Because I am a hopeless romantic.

  • JOEM


  • swim_sir

    “idek” — it says it all

  • Skylar

    Sticking with a music theme, how about CREAM? The Wu-Tang classic is still as relevant today as it was years ago. Drake just sampled it on his new album! Truly the best musical acronym of all time.

  • Gina23

    HTFO (Hang the F Out)

  • joshuapollina

    ROFL – because i’m constantly Rolling On the Floor Laughing about something or the other

  • AnthonyCecchetti

    iono – I don’t know.

  • Jay

    GOAT has become a recent favorite of mine. It stands for GREATEST OF ALL TIME of course. It can be used to describe Michael Jordan (basketball players), Jay-Z (rappers) and Billy (goats). Truly is the GOAT acronym.

  • Johannalg91

    LMAO ! Because I love cracking up to the point where my ass is off of me!

  • cwall93

    BAMF- bad a$$ mother f*cka

  • gstads

    Ptfo = passed the fuck out

  • Alicia

    My most used abbreviation is pretty much WGW(White Girl wasted!

  • PariaT

    GTFO, because it can be used for a “Whoa!” moment OR for a “get lost” moment. I like my abbreviations versatile.

  • rocky77w

    IFLMGMT-I Freakin love MGMT , thats why! I dont say FML or LOL I say 

  • jmcclure

    BOC – Blue Oyster Cult!!!

  • Morgan

    shm! SHaking my head!!!

  • AMueck

    I use lol a lot, but I might use idk more.  I’m not sure what that says about me

  • MunchTreeAll

    AYFKM … Are You F…… Kidding Me.
     As in: “AYFKM… who doesn’t like MGMT!”

  • MustachedPagoda


  • spencedm

    NSFW  🙂

  • mmchristi

    SA: shit attack
    Ex: You’re giving me a shit attack…

  • Green Fairy

    ICEH – I could eat a horse – to be used when you are REALLY hungry!

  • AmyVV

    idk, wtf, and gdi. all because i am usually very confused and angry

  • RonTheDon

    QFT: Quote for Truth!

  • feistybrenda

    LQTM- Laughing quietly to myself because we dont LOL all the time when we recieve a text.

  • Erin

    POIDH (pictures or it didn’t happen), because an acronym is worth a thousand words… and also makes for great blackmail.

  • DavidHolmes2

    IMO – in my opinion

  • JSim

    DTMO, as in, down to make out
    …jokingly, naturally

  • David

    WTH (what the hell) 🙂

  • Pancakepopple

    IMO – in my opinion for the win.

  • Catherine

    TBH – To be honest.


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