TVD Ticket Giveaway: Landmark Music Festival for the National Mall, 9/26–9/27

As we noted last week upon the launch of the first of our 3 Landmark Music Festival ticket giveaways, it’s often said that Washington, DC lacks for very little. It’s literally ground zero and the epicenter of national and international politics, there’s nightlife from the urbane to the DIY, and a thriving cultural and arts community—yet there’s a discernible absence of a festival scene in DC proper along the lines of say a Lollapalooza or Austin City Limits. Sure, there are any number of smaller enclaves self-promoting shows and specific scenes that are thriving—just nothing to the scale of “America’s Front Yard.”

Enter the Landmark Music Festival, content to not just throw a huge party for DC but to aid in the restoration and preservation of its host, the National Mall. As the organizers C3 Presents—who actually produce the aforementioned Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits (among others)—explain on the festival’s website, “The National Mall is more than just our country’s premier national park. It’s America’s Front Yard, the world’s window into the American story, and home to some of our nation’s most recognizable monuments, memorials and historic moments. It represents our country’s collective voice, its heroes, and its timeless values. But today, the National Mall—and all that it stands for—are at risk.

The Trust for the National Mall—an official partner of the National Park Service—is leading the charge to restore and improve the National Mall and honor its ideals for future generations through the new Landmark Campaign. Landmark Music Festival kicks off this monumental national campaign to bring awareness and funds to America’s Front Yard—all in a single Festival weekend unlike any other.”

We have four pairs of tickets left to give away leading up to the inaugural shindig on the Mall, and for the second of 3 giveaways we thought to introduce you to some of the bands making the trip across the country for Landmark. Next week in our third installment we’ll treat the international acts who are headlining the festival.

Son Little takes the stage early on Saturday. A preacher’s son from LA, remnants of gospel echo in his tracks, however his influences don’t stop there. Son Little traveled eastward making stops in New York and eventually settling in Philadelphia, working as a vocal collaborator with Philadelphia’s first family of hip hop, The Roots. He’s lived across the map as well and conjures music that speaks to all Americans—neo soul and funk harboring a Chicago blues pulse—with vocal cadences native to Louisiana’s gulf coast.

Speaking of Louisiana, New Orleans icons Dr. John & The Nite Trippers are set to play on Sunday afternoon—perfect timing for the group’s soulfully charged tunes. Dr. John’s passion for music has been burning in the Big Easy since the ’50s. Known for his Mardi Gras inspired style, Dr. John tells the lively story of New Orleans through songs like “Iko Iko” and “The Big Brass Drum.” In addition to being a New Orleans cultural icon, Dr. John is also an accomplished bluesman. He weaves his deep, bluesy vocals with the spirited style of the bayou, incorporating trumpets and energetic solos in his work. Dr. John is a legend for good reason—no one else can pull off his distinct musical style. Miss his set at your peril.

Brooklyn’s TV On The Radio has also created a unique brand of rock ‘n’ roll—known for their catchy riffs punctuated by progressive synth work. Well paced tempos act as the base for lead singer Tunde Adebimpe to layer atop memorable vocals. The band has been at work for ten years and is currently enjoying well deserved recognition from the media. The Boston Globe describes their live show as “sexy nerdiness letting go in a controlled blast of unleashed energy.”

Finally The Strokes, a band born into the ’90s New York City rock scene, is headlining the festival on Sunday night. They’re garage rock wrapped in leather—-a harmonious blend of escalating guitars, tight drumming, and Julian Casablanca’s vocals. The Strokes employ their different instruments in strict unison, each piece having a distinct place in the whole with nuanced solos fitting within the confines of their hallmark sound. Their most recent release, Comedown Machine (2013), shows that The Strokes are still making wholly distinct indie music.

Enter to win a pair of 2-Day General Admission tickets by citing in the comments below your favorite feature of “America’s Front Lawn,” the National Mall—and briefly why. We’ll choose TWO winners on Monday, September 21, 2015 for a pair of tickets each. Winners will be notified directly via email. 

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  • hemisphire

    I always enjoy going to a concert there because I know I’ll be with a diverse crowd ready to have some fun.

  • The Vinyl District
  • Ara

    I love the proximity of all the monuments because I can hop on a bike & visit them all in one visit!

  • SP

    I appreciate how accessible it is. I can go there during a lunch break or at night because it’s conveniently located.

  • penny

    Being able to jog on the Mall is the best- great views & fun people watching all while exercising.

  • Keonte’ Smith {Mommy 2K}

    I treasure the idea that The National Mall is not actually a “shopping mall” I’d be in so much trouble! Like, I don’t need any more new clothes. I’d rather walk away with a bag full of inspiration, memories and Instagram-worthy pictures.

  • baker

    Having been born and growing up here, the carousel reminds me of childhood. I love all the Smithsonian museums and can’t even remember how many times I’ve been to them over the years.

  • edwin

    I’ll say it’s the National Gallery of Art, for the frequently changing exhibits, free films and concerts. Unlike some of the Smithsonian museums that are increasingly getting hollowed-out and dumbed-down, the NGA has maintained it’s integrity.

  • Kelli H.

    The National Mall is a beautiful piece of D.C. that I value so much having lived in the D.C. metropolitan area my entire life. The monuments are such a sight to see and I consider them my favorite feature of “America’s Front Lawn”. I’ve seen the monuments in person and in passing countless times, but I always find myself in awe of their beauty and magnificence. You feel so connected to the history of the city and the greatness it holds. I must say there is no city quite like D.C.! Not only is it an area bursting with diversity and culture, it exposes us to a mix of history, creativity, nightlife, amazing cuisine, art, politics, and so much more. We are truly the heart of the nation! D.C. has also played a huge role in the music scene with awesome concert show venues like 9:30 club (which is a forever fave of mine), though not on a level like this before with a huge music festival hosting such a kick ass selection of artists! With being such a lover of live music events (especially festivals!) I’m ecstatic that our city will have the chance to share what it has to offer during the Landmark fest! D.C. will always have my heart. #DCForLifeBaby ! 🙂

  • Chuck

    My favorite is going to the Smithsonian museums and then just walking around and seeing where the Wedding Crashers got drunk and Forrest Gump found Jenny!

  • goodmanw

    The Capitol building is my favorite feature on the National Mall, as there’s something so titantic and impressive about seeing that building lingering over the grassy knolls and realize all the history that exists in that building.

  • Rebecca Crawley Allen

    I love the idea of walking down the national mall and there is always something see. But one earliest memories is going to the Washington monument with my parents, so it will always be my favorite.

  • alexandra

    My favorite feature of the National Mall is how amazing an educational resource it is because its both fun and free! As a social studies teacher in DC Public Schools, I brought hundreds of local students to the Mall. Each year we did the “We the People” Constitution Program, using “monumental” Washington to help 8th graders understand the Constitution. It’s pretty hard to get middle schoolers excited about anything, but getting them out of school and into the city always seemed to do the trick. Our trips down to the Mall and monuments was such an incredible way to have them connect with history, but also with their city. Even though my students lived just a few miles away, many had never spent significant time exploring all the Mall has to offer. When people in DC think of the National Mall they often imagine it swarming with tourists, but I know it as a tremendously special space for those who live here.

  • Alex Richwine

    My favorite feature of The National Mall is definitely the illuminating words presented at The Lincoln Memorial that continuously remind me of the importance of Abraham Lincoln’s contributions and his moral teachings. Juxtaposed with this is the sight of the Washington Monument just across the Reflecting Pool. These two men’s combined indefatigable efforts have so strongly contributed to this nation’s core identity. Their impact will hold strong in America for centuries to come and it delights me to bear witness to these monuments every time.

  • kinu

    The vast openness of the Mall amazes me every time I go down there. Where else can you find so much open space in this city? It’s amazing to be able to get away from downtown for a while but still enjoy benefits beyond the outdoors such as museums and monuments.

  • Rose-Mary Edimo

    My favorite part of the National Mall is undoubtably the view it offers from each angle a person is looking from. Furthermore, it’s so rich in American culture, for it’s the heart of DC and has so many historic landmarks; from the Lincoln Memorial, the reflecting pool, Washington Monument, the nightlife in DC, etc… It has something for every one.
    For the aforementioned reasons, I wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to be there especially AT NIGHT. Additionally, attending the concert would be a great way to relax before my PCAT exam, so PLEASE PICK ME!

  • sony

    The Kite Festival is my favorite annual event on the Mall so my favorite spot is the Washington Monument. Who doesn’t love seeing tons of kites flying near a national landmark?

  • Jennifer Boulio Sawyer

    My favorite part is the Reflecting Pool. It’s a beautiful sight to see as the view is constantly changing everyday as the sky changes, you’ll never see the same view twice. Its also a spot to sit, look inward, and truly reflect on one’s life.
    Sitting by the reflecting waters one can also be persuaded to think about our great country’s past, the good and the bad, and to ponder on our future.
    One cannot gaze at the waters and not think/feel something.

  • Celia Lichtman

    I love to visit the different memorials. It allows me to acknowledge the people who have made sacrifices to protect our country.

  • edward corrothers

    When I was a kid, during bring your child to work day, my mom and I walked over to the National Mall during lunch time. I remember being amazed at the view from the memorial to the monument. Since then, whenever I return, I always take a picture with the mall and monument in the background and send it to her! One of my favorite spots in DC!

  • Cheakaity Brown

    My favorite feature of ” America’s Front Lawn ” is the Lawn itself . The grassy area which is unfortunately under maintenance right now , is simple but beautiful. Perfect for a picnic ,a peaceful walk , or a nice game of Frisbee . Not to mention it’s always a sight to see when a major event is happening..all the colors of America represented!!!

  • Portia

    I enjoy walking on the lawn to see the diversity of DC in one place. I see people playing league kickball, people pushing their children in strollers, older couples sitting on benches, tourists taking in the sights, and more. It’s a space for people of all races and ages to just enjoy the beauty of architecture on a canvas of nature.

  • Elena de la Calzada

    Being a born and raised Virginia resident, I see it as a privilege to live so close to the National Mall. Whenever visitors stay with my family and I, we take them to the National Mall because it’s definitely the best place to have meaningful fun while getting educated! It’s the icing on top of the cake that it’s all free- which is something to value nowadays. You can venture down here everyday and always discover something new and see something unseen before. If I had to pick one favorite place, it would be Hishorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, because I am a total sucker for all types of art, creativity, diversity, and modernism. I am very grateful for the Landmark Music Festival to be coming to the National Mall because as a lover of concerts, I am often disappointed that many artists and festivals skip over Washington, D.C. I am all for the restoration of the National Mall!

  • Laura Stadulis

    My favorite feature of the National Mall is the memorials. Fighting for our country is a long line of tradition in my family history, and it means a lot knowing that my fallen family members will always have a place to be remembered. It’s sad that some monuments are deteriorating, and this festival is a great way to raise financial efforts to restore the greatness of our National Mall. I would love to participate in it, for the respect of not only my family but all fallen veterans, and for the many ages, backgrounds, and beauty of the people of Washington D.C.

  • Emmy D

    Of the many wonderful museums in this country my favorite (as a flight attendant) is naturally the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum. In this incredible museum is not only a few airplanes, but ones that were ahead of their times, innovative and groundbreaking inventions that have created history. Beyond that visitors can see exhibitions from the humble beginnings of the Wright brothers to the race to space, even today’s modern drones. It really is a place I feel connected in as a woman in aviation and I know so many others enjoy every inch of it as much as I do. – Emily

  • Aysia Samm

    Growing up in the Arlington area, I always get to enjoy going to DC almost every weekend with my family and walking around everywhere as if we are tourists. We never get tired of the same routine because each time we go there is something different going on. I think my favorite place to go is the reflecting pool. It’s not only beautiful but it’s an amazing place to just sit back and relax. I have so many unforgettable memories with my family there.

  • Aysia Samm

    Growing up in the Arlington area, I always get to enjoy going to DC almost every weekend with my family and walking around everywhere as if we are tourists. We never get tired of the same routine because each time we go there is something different going on. I think my favorite place to go is the reflecting pool. It’s not only beautiful but it’s an amazing place to just sit back and relax. I have so many unforgettable memories with my family there so it’s a place close to my heart.

  • Andriana m

    The best i meAN THE BEST thing about DC on the national mall is the washington monument, its possibly one of the best things about DC as a whole. You go to the top and you can overlook the beauty of DC! Ive been going there for fourth of
    July every year since i was a child. I love dc i feel so at home and in the right place when im in DC

  • Jennifer

    I’m not sure if the Tidal Basin is officially part of the National Mall, but I have a soft spot for it. When my family first moved to this area ten years ago, I rented a paddle boat with my dad during cherry blossom season and we spent the afternoon ferrying around. Great weather, great views. Still one of my favorite memories of DC. Second would be the Smithsonian museums, especially the Hirshhorn.

  • Naomi Carter

    My favorite feature of the National Mall are the Cherry Blossoms around the Tidal Basin. My mom loved cherry blossoms and always planned to go to the festival however we never actually attended. I remember one night around 9:30 when my mom was feeling down we took a drive into DC and just walked around looking at the cherry blossom trees which were in full bloom. My mom has sense passed but I feel her spirit when I visit the Basin and I always have the memories of walking around talking to my mom. I took my boyfriend there this past summer and we rented a paddle-boat and had a great time. He was skeptical and vowed to not enter the water as he was petrified and unable to swim however he eventually opened up to the idea and we had a great time on the water with our hour rental. I have some great memories with some of my favorite people that I can cherish for a lifetime.

  • The Vinyl District

    Our winners have been notified for giveaway #2. Circle back tomorrow (9/23) for our last 2 pairs!

  • Wilo Geedi

    My favorite part of the national mall is the understanding the history that has happened there e.g the Million Man March with MLK and the great museums and festival that happen there that bring disparate people in DC who might not ever meet interact in the mall.


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