TVD Ticket Giveaway: Landmark Music Festival for the National Mall, 9/26–9/27

As we’ve noted over the past few weeks among our 3 Landmark Music Festival ticket giveaways, it’s often said that Washington, DC lacks for very little. It’s literally ground zero and the epicenter of national and international politics, there’s nightlife from the urbane to the DIY, and a thriving cultural and arts community—yet there’s a discernible absence of a festival scene in DC proper along the lines of say a Lollapalooza or Austin City Limits. Sure, there are any number of smaller enclaves self-promoting shows and specific scenes that are thriving—just nothing to the scale of “America’s Front Yard.”

Enter the Landmark Music Festival, content to not just throw a huge party for DC but to aid in the restoration and preservation of its host, the National Mall. As the organizers C3 Presents—who actually produce the aforementioned Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits (among others)—explain on the festival’s website, “The National Mall is more than just our country’s premier national park. It’s America’s Front Yard, the world’s window into the American story, and home to some of our nation’s most recognizable monuments, memorials and historic moments. It represents our country’s collective voice, its heroes, and its timeless values. But today, the National Mall—and all that it stands for—are at risk.

The Trust for the National Mall—an official partner of the National Park Service—is leading the charge to restore and improve the National Mall and honor its ideals for future generations through the new Landmark Campaign. Landmark Music Festival kicks off this monumental national campaign to bring awareness and funds to America’s Front Yard—all in a single Festival weekend unlike any other.”

We have two pairs of tickets left to give away leading up to the inaugural shindig on the Mall, and for the last of our giveaways we’re touching on the international acts that will rival the Pope for your attention this weekend,

Hailing from North Wales, The Joy Formidable takes the stage Sunday afternoon. The trio’s latest release is Wolf’s Law (2013), an album the band juggled writing while on tour. The release nicely marries alt rock with clean pop and front woman Ritzy Bryan’s angular vocals perfectly mesh with the band’s rock-n-roll kicks thumping in the background. The band has a way of tying together carefully composed melodies with a bit of reverb and chaos. Their energetic show will certainly excite fans at Landmark.

Second on the list of international acts is Chromeo, a duo from Montreal who go by the monikers P-Thugg and Dave 1. Famous for layering a fresh twist on top of music from the past, the duo has four albums to their name and worked on a collab with Daryl Hall on his Live from Daryl’s House series. Chromeo’s music is intelligent, pulling musical licks across generations and blending them in harmonious fashion. Retro to the core, they use computers from 1994 to sequence their tracks. Their style is steeped in ’80s funk, with clearly discernable synths and underlying beats native to the time period. Their songs are distinct in their smoothness.

Making the trip from England is alt-J, the now three-piece group from Leeds who has recently taken over the indie scene. Their 2014 album This is All Yours blends clean prog rock with a mysterious overlying aura, leaving much to audience interpretation. Their tones are lo-fi and almost chant-like—meeting in the middle of energetic spirit and regimented mystique. However just when you think you understand their style, alt-J’s music will take an interesting twist. For example, their song “Hunger of The Pine” features a Miley Cyrus vocal sample they placed nicely within their tightly knit music.

Also from England is Ben Howard, a solo act known for his acoustic melodies and low key demeanor. As a child, he grew up telling stories and practicing guitar. These childhood hobbies have nicely transitioned into a successful career as a musician. His songs use folk styled acoustic guitar work as an agent to tell a range of stories—from light hearted and lovely, to much murkier and darker. His live show is energetic, genuine, and unique. For example, Howard is famed for placing his guitar on his lap, dropping down the tuning and playing like some of his folk predecessors. His recordings are great, but can’t compare to the brilliance that are his live shows.

Finishing up the list of international acts is Drake, the Canadian based hip-hop superstar who’s headlining Landmark on Saturday night. Drake released his latest album, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, earlier this year without any publicity beforehand. He has certainly fashioned both a distinct sound and style in modern rap. Lyrically driven, many of Drake’s hits have become a staple with free flowing vocals sitting atop some of the most recognizable beats in modern music. His show is certain to end the first night of festival on a strong note.

Enter to win a pair of 2-Day General Admission tickets by citing in the comments below why YOU should be awarded one of our last pair of tickets. (You’re special, right?) We’ll choose TWO winners on Friday, September 25, 2015 for a pair of tickets each. Winners will be notified directly via email. 

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  • Ryan G

    This lineup looks outstanding and is right in our back yard. I’ve already looked at the schedule and figured out a plan. I’ve also worked out the details of how I’m going to be two places at once so I don’t miss some of the great acts.

  • alexandra

    i’d love to be awarded the tickets because i love the vinyl district (particularly the tvd live shots!), DC is my home and this would make for a fantastic weekend, and finally – wouldn’t it be great if i got to see my favorite rapper who was also a star on degrassi? thanks y’all!

  • Kelly Gordon

    I’ve lived in the DC area my whole life and have been waiting for a music festival with this level of diversity and excitement to come to this area. I love the lineup and could not wait to buy tickets once they were released. Then I realized that financially it was not in the cards for me at this time. I’m a social worker in the DC area where unfortunately I chose a low paying field in a high cost area. But I absolutely love what I do – supporting children with trauma in therapy. It just doesn’t come with the luxury of having money for wonderful music festivals such as this! I would love to go to this event and winning these tickets would make that possible!

  • Jill Brown

    I’d LOVE to win the tickets for my best friend who
    has devoted herself to others in so many beautiful ways. The one I’d like to
    highlight here is an inspiring story that illustrates how one selfless action
    changed the lives of three others. After battling kidney disease for 25 years,
    her mother was in dire need of a kidney transplant. After finding out she was
    not a match, my friend reached out to a kidney exchange program which allowed
    her to donate one of her kidneys to another compatible recipient in exchange
    for a kidney match for her mother. This rare, six person exchange, could not
    have happened without one of these matches. So, not only did she save the life
    of her mother, she helped save the lives of others in need of a kidney to
    survive. Her work did not stop here and she continues to be actively involved
    in fundraising for the National Kidney Foundation. She was so excited when she
    found out about the Landmark Music Festival and I would love to be able to give
    back to her with a pair of tickets!

  • edwin

    I’m currently unemployed in DC, and there’s no way I can do this unless I win tix!

  • Ashley Niemann

    I would love to go to this festival! I just moved into my own apartment in DC and am the typical broke college kid ): So many of my friends are already going! My favorite artists will be here this would be a dream come true!! Thanks for doing this giveaway!! (:

  • Celia Lichtman

    I would love to be able to go because I would be able to see so many amazing artists in one city. I love that there is a music festival in DC this year. I love going to events in DC. It is a beautiful place.

  • KNB1

    I’m a non traditional college student grinding out the final semester before completing my degree. As a music lover it would be a nice early graduation present and momentary release from the stress of school to attend the festival. I was supposed to see Miguel perform in July, but was unable to attend and had to give up my ticket. Winning these tickets with the opportunity to go see him, along with Drake and Wale who I’m also HUGE fans of, this weekend would be a nice consolation prize!

  • J.T.

    I think it’s wonderful that, even in a city so often portrayed as divided by petty politics, a music festival can unite us all. As a DC resident, I love the positivity this festival is bringing to our city, and I’d love to be a part of it.

  • Shannon Crowner

    I recently moved back to the DMV after living in California for a year. San Francisco is known to have some of the greatest festivals ever, but with a line up like this I know my hometown can compete!! I’m so excited for this line up and what a great way to end the week after dealing with the metro of Ed Sherran concerts, Nats games, fire at the stadium armory, and the pope! I wish I could afford to buy tockets, but we know how much money teachers make! I’d love to attend and I’d feature you guys on my blog if chosen! Thank you for the opportunity!

  • J.Miranda

    I believe I deserve to win a pair of tickets to Land Mark Music Festival because I made a poster just for The District Vinyl Giveaway Contest featuring the artist I am most excited to see.

    In which you can view here:

    Vinyl District + 6God. What is there to say?!

    ::Praying Hands Emoji::

  • Hanna

    I’m visiting D.C. for the very first time this weekend (I’m from Dallas) and would love to attend the very first Landmark Festival and help support a great cause! I’m so excited to walk around the National Mall and see y’alls city!

  • Hannah Rosen

    My senior year homecoming is on Friday but I am not going, and going to Landmark Festival as an alternative would be so memorable! As I am a high school student I don’t really have enough money to pay for a ticket myself…but I would love to help support the great cause of improving the National Mall having lived near DC my whole life!

  • Hannah Rosen

    My senior year homecoming is on Saturday but I am not going, and going to Landmark Festival as an alternative would be so memorable! As I am a high school student I don’t really have enough money to pay for a ticket myself…but I would love to help support the great cause of improving the National Mall having lived near DC my whole life!

  • Amanda

    I should win the last pair of tickets not because I’m any more special than the rest of the entrants, but because I too share their love for music and DC. I’m really no different; I bet we’re all in the same situation and cannot afford to buy tickets (an average college student’s problem). I’ve been especially dying to see Alt-J and The Strokes for years and doubt either will be back in the area any time soon. It would be amazing to see all of these bands and artists (UM Cvrches, George Ezra, & Ben Howard, is DC trying to break my heart?) On top of music, DC is the best city. The fact that the monuments and museums are free to enjoy still amazes me today. I’d love to support not only the artists but this cause by attending.

  • Breeze Riley

    Let me persuade you with my acrostic poem skills:

    Lots of
    New bands, and
    Drake (but not)
    Meek Mill
    Really want those tickets

  • Jenny

    My best friend and I are huge music nerds and would love to go, but had to pass on tickets because we can’t afford 2-day passes. I can guarantee that you will not find more enthusiastic fans anywhere: We will be losing our minds at Drake, Miguel, Alt-J, Lord Huron, In the Valley Below, The Kills, The Strokes…pretty much everyone. But seriously, I’ll be so excited to be there and show it. Don’t get me wrong: I won’t be hollering out in the middle of songs or anything. But there will be none of this “awkward side-to-side shuffling”

    I’d also be more than happy to pay it forward to whoever’s waiting in line behind me for food. I may be broke, but this is one way I can share the wealth and make someone’s day a little brighter. I’m psyched that D.C. finally has a big music festival and it’s dedicated to such a worthy cause. The chance to go would make my year.


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