NAMM, bam,
thank you ma’am!

This last weekend, Zachary James, guitar player Stevie Campos (of the Starlight Band) and I checked out the 2014 NAMM show—one of the world’s largest  trade-only business shows.

It’s basically Disneyland for gearheads and signature guitar dudes in Anaheim, which is where Disneyland is.

On a random side note, we met Fred Armisen chillin’ and fillin’ at our local Silverlake gas station on the way there! Nice! Stevie thought it was so nice, he gave it two thumbs up. I just wanted to share that.


For those of you who haven’t been to NAMM, it’s kind of a madhouse. As soon as you enter the convention center,  you’re greeted by a dizzying array of inventors, mentors, dissenters and presenters. Yep, I love my rhyming dictionary! Pay close attention to the photo above, because you will also find  that occasionally there are….. ZOMBIES.


Speaking of Astro-Zombies, we also hung out with Doyle from the Misfits!


And also speaking of Astro-Zombies, I also hung out with Dave Mustaine! He has a really larger than life persona, you know?

photo 1

Anyway, the first stop we made was Orange-henge, aka the massive towering wall of sound that is the Orange amps booth. Zachary James is a proud Orange amps endorsee, and no trip to NAMM is complete without checking out their new gear.


We felt that the “Evil Twins” Dual Dark really called to us. These high-end dual channel amp double bad boys have that classic British Orange amp tone with the biggest amount of gain available in the history of their amps! Shyeah, crank it to 11 bro!


Next we popped over to PMI Audio Group, a really amazing audio company out of Gardena, CA who sponsor Zachary and my recording studio Starry Eyes Studios. We proudly own the Toft ATB console, a modern recreation of the legendary Trident 80b board designed by Malcolm Toft, (founder of Trident Audio Developments) who recorded some dudes and some songs you may have heard of, like the Beatles’ “Hey Jude” and David Bowie’s “Space Oddity.”

Yes, I know that I am the only one looking at the camera.


I don’t know who manufactures these guitar straps, but we decided Zach needed them to match his sweaters.


I can explain.


Onto the glittering pink palace that is Daisy Rock guitars! One of my first bands was sponsored by Daisy Rock, and they will forever hold a place in my heart-shaped guitar.

Here’s Zachary and Steve modeling the Comet Electric in Atomic Pink Sparkle and the Debutante Rock Candy Graphic guitars respectively, which of course have the exclusive “Slim & Narrow” neck design,  making it easier for girls with smaller hands to play the guitar. Way to go ladies!

photo-25On our way out, we descended a stairway to heaven and wielded our invisible sticks atop this drum throne Valhalla. We just got a classic maple Ludwig over at Starry Eyes….but were a bit short-sighted, ’cause I’m regretting not getting five kick drums and like 100 toms.


OK, until next time….support your local music communities and tradeshows, buy cool gear, and don’t pirate any music.

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