Hey, Shopkeeper: LA’s The Record Parlour

We’re thrilled to be able to talk to one of our favorite local crate digging establishments in Hollywood, The Record Parlour. Just over a year old, not only does the shop have an incredible collection in house, they can find you just about any title you have your heart set on—they found for me the Pointer Sisters’ Steppin in under 24 hours—and they possess one of the things LA is best known for—vibe.

Stepping into The Record Parlour is like stepping back into time, or stepping into the dream world of any music gear geek. They have on display loads of vintage amps, microphones, and my personal favorite, a Fender Rhodes—most of the pieces in, or getting into working condition.

The store has been building a name for themselves for putting on some of the most exciting and unique in-store shows and showcases in town, from pop-up shows with bands like Vintage Trouble to the event we are honored to be a part of this Friday, November 21—Will Dailey playing live with his band, with the entire performance being recorded and transferred directly to vinyl.

Please introduce yourself. Who are you and what do you do at The Record Parlour?

We are Chris Honetschlaeger, founder of The Record Parlour in Hollywood and Chadwick Hemus, store manager and partner.

How long has the store been open?

We first opened our doors in August of 2013.

But I heard that record sales are in decline—what made you want to open a record store?!

The “vinyl format” was more interesting to me than unreliable record sales figures from dubious sources. Double-digit growth in new record players and triple digit growth at vinyl pressing plants were a better indicator of the market opportunity for me. The Record Parlour is growing steadily month over month since opening and our store focuses on original releases versus new releases.

What is the last record your store sold?

We just sold 20 Zappa records to one guy about 15 minutes ago using Instagram.

What is the first record you bought for the store and why?

Impossible to say, I rarely “cherry pick” but prefer to purchase HUGE collections when possible—most notable was one with over 50,000 records prior to opening. In fact, just today, I’m negotiating the purchase of a rare 3,000+ jazz record collection. I purchased about 125,000 records as backup inventory prior to opening.

What’s your most prized record that will never make it to the bins and that we would have to pry from your cold, dead hands?

I have a rather unique blues collection—mostly all the rare and early black label Chess Records releases.

What is the most sought after/asked about record at your store?

Generally speaking, there are certain classics always in demand with never enough supply. Any Zeppelin or Nirvana in rock, Chet Baker in jazz, Kraftwerk in electronic, NWA in hip hop, etc.—every genre seems to have its own list of sought after records. Usually not to be found as originals, most buyers end up purchasing the reissues.

Word on the street is that you guys have purchased equipment that enables you to record directly to vinyl? Can you go into what that gear is and educate us on the process?

Yes, we can. The ultimate goal of The Record Parlour is to create a space where you can purchase, perform, and produce music all under one roof. That being said, analog sound is important to us, so we’ve been purchasing and restoring vintage (1950-60s) mics, record lathes. and tape machines.

We’ve experimented with direct to vinyl and tape recordings with great success and will be offering these services to bands in 2015. Beyond that, we plan on releasing an entire limited series of records for each respective band under the format of “The Record Parlour Presents…”

The Record Parlour is quite the hot spot for events. What is it about the store that makes it a great spot for a live show?

A “customized experience” for each event is the fundamental differentiator.

The Record Parlour is built as a creative event space providing music lovers with great sound and an authentic vibe that resonates beyond the night and into guest’s social media accounts. Attention to detail is important—we use the best vintage gear, our room sounds amazing, the floors are not sticky, we help promote each performance, and we NEVER stack or rush bands in and out.

You’ll find that guests of The Record Parlour actually listen to the music and network among themselves and with band members after the show. The Record Parlour is not just a place to HEAR music, but rather a place to EXPERIENCE music and connect with the artist.

TVD LA is excited to be co-presenting one of these incredible experiences this Friday (11/21) featuring Will Dailey and his band performing live—and straight to vinyl.

The Vinyl District Presents
in conjunction with
The Record Parlour:

Live, recording direct to vinyl

Friday, November 21, 2014
6408 Selma Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90028
To attend RSVP HERE.


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