TVD’s The Idelic Hour with Jon Sidel

Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

Starting the year with a three-day holiday weekend was just what I needed—a tiny bit of space to get my head around 2015. Events did unfold however. Sadness spread up in the canyon with the news that former CSN&Y drummer Dallas Taylor had passed at 66.

Legendary canyon party boy turned rehab guru to the rock elite, everybody knew ol’ Dallas. I ran into him a couple of months ago and I told him that I had spun the live audio of “Long Time Gone” with Tom Jones on the Idelic Hour, and teased him about being a much more soulful player than he ever got credit for. He chuckled, saying he always wanted to see the footage of that performance. Dallas, your legend will live on.

To go along with the Dallas news, I also read somewhere online that in a matter of days a huge asteroid will zoom by, narrowly missing the Earth (and I dare say our canyon!) It didn’t seem like anyone else noticed that news, but it did get me thinking—what if I did know an asteroid was heading our way?

My response was taking a couple deep breaths, staying calm, and focusing on enjoying time with family and friends.

So, I went to lil’ Jonah’s basketball game, cheered, and ended on “Cloud 9” with a 16-12 win! I took the whole family ice skating on MLK day. We even went to a friend’s house for dinner and the husbands and wives played charades! Charades! (Fuck yeah, team husbands kicked the wives’ asses!)

Along with the unconventional outings, I’ve been having weird dreams. It happens to me every so often, but it’s now been several days in a row. I’m dreaming crazy shit! So when it came to this week’s Idelic Hour I thought, just “freewheel.”

My dreams, Dr. King’s dream, 2015—whatever comes. So, here are some songs about King’s dream of “freedom” and beyond.

By the way, check out Viet Cong, California X, Two Gallants, Alex Calder, and Marilyn Manson—the first cool crop of new songs to come out in the young 2015.

The Idelic Hit of the Week:
Marilyn Manson – Third Day of a Seven Day Binge

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