TVD’s The Idelic Hour with Jon Sidel

An open letter to Vincent Gallo:

Dear Vinny,

I was driving down Nicholas Canyon this morning listening to your album. It was one of those perfect Californian mornings in the canyon—clear and cool. In fact, it’s both Passover and Good Friday. I thought of tonight’s Passover the Sidels are having this evening in Long Beach. How strange my family is and how far we’ve all come. Filling the air in my car was your song “Honey Bunny.”

I thought it would be a cute way start my radio hour and well, it did more than that. It made me reminisce. The first thing I thought about was you and how and much I dig your album and, of course, your charming smile…or should I say shit eating grin.

You made me think of old microphones and hollow body jazz guitars, of running into you on many occasions, but one in particular—with Zoe on a sunny Spring day just north of little Italy.

By the way, are all Gallo’s related to Joey Gallo? I know I’ve asked you that before but I can’t remember?

Anyway, I called Zoe when I got out of the canyon. She lives in Brooklyn and you two would get along. I miss ya man. So, hopefully I will run into you soon.

Yeah, it’s a “good Friday” and “bunny time.” Happy Easter and all that.

Rock on,

The Idelic Hit of the Week:
MEG MAC – Roll Up Your Sleeves

Bleep bleep, bloop bloop…keep rockin.

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