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Greetings from Laurel Canyon!

I saw a tweet that Connie Hawkins died the other day. Having grown up in New York City on an asphalt basketball court, the news set me back. It seems every week in 2017 has come with some bitter news. Why would a Friday the 13th in 2017 be any different?

Last week’s passing of Icarus Line guitarist Alvin DeGuzman at age 38 was depressing too. This week’s news was not really as sad as it was nostalgic. This week’s Idelic Hour goes out to those of us who played hoop before there were leather Nikes. When it came to the slam dunking on the school yard in New York City, Connie Hawkins was ground zero. My “yard.”

It was like this “brother” predated, “the dream.” Along with Dr. J, who soon followed, Connie Hawkins was a true marvel of inspiration. He gave the city streets in a post Vietnam NYC something to shoot for.

Remembering 1st dunks, #AllstarChucks, #TheABA, #TheHawk @IdelicSounds

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Although my lifelong dream of dunking a basketball will never be realized, there is hope—and there’s dreaming and inspiration. This weekend here in Southern California we’re headed to Joshua Tree to find some.

Check us out. The Sidel family will be at Desert Days in Joshua Tree this weekend. Sharing our hope, dreams, positive vibes, and of course love for music. Please join!

The Idelic Hit of the Week: The Babe Rainbow – Peace Blossom Boogy (Official Video)

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