Weekend Shots!


Hey, Memphis! Regardless of whether or not the week has left your heart happy or broken, we at least hope you got stuffed on a variety box of cheap chocolate.

This weekend keeps it classy and low-key, but there are still a few good shows to see to take a date or just yourself out for a post-Valentine’s weekend.

Friday (2/15) kicks things off by reminding you that Memphis is heartily in the South with some of the most authentic country to come round these parts in two kicks of a horse heel. Wayne Hancock studied well at the churches of Hank Williams and Hank Thompson to churn out some original tunes in the true blue vein of country music’s top minimalists. This is one of the Hi-Tone Cafe‘s few remaining weeks, so be sure to swing by before it closes. Patrick Sweeney supports.

If you missed yesterday’s festivities and you want to do something lovey-dovey with your date, then there’s something just for you.  Memphis’ incredibly inoffensive and super-charming pop-rock act Wuvbirds are playing a very appropriate post-Valentine’s set at The Cove.  If you’re trying to take advantage of the holiday with a very special someone in a very shameless, cheesy way, this is definitely the place to be.

Also filling up your possible itinerary is another one of those screamo/emo/hardcore nights at Minglewood Hall.  As always, the line-up is uber-dense, so you can be sure to catch Shallow SideCreatorGoon, and the Finale. The headliner Skyline Divide is teasing some sort of surprise on their facebook, so come out to find out what that will be.

Saturday (2/16) starts with another heads-up for Southern culture. If you want some more country to complement Hancock’s show but wish it weren’t so dry, there’s something a little more light-hearted and a little less gruff.  Memphis’ soothsaying country outfit Bryan Hayes and the Retrievers have Otherlands booked for the evening.  Otherlands has a pretty reliable track record of making family-friendly shows, and this one will be no different, so bring your mom to a place where she doesn’t have to deal with all that smokin’ and drinkin’ that the young folks do.

Back over at pirate-haven The Cove, Bluff City Backsliders are billed. The Backsliders are fronted by none other than Jason Freeman, who already has a busy weekend having his vinyl release the previous day.  The band is a solid collection of some of Memphis’ best musicians, so if you’re interested in seeing people able in their craft, this is the place to be.

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