Beyond Beyond is Beyond Week: Disc 2, Side B

Well, I told you all about the Beyond Beyond is Beyond psych comp last week. It’s official release date is tomorrow but go grab it now as a free digital download over at Bang Bang Boogaloo. I promise it will blow, at least, your mind!

And the comp release show at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn on Thursday was amazing, with next-level sets from The Zabalas, Woodsman and Hopewell. Check out some great pics from Kristin Viens.

And Velcro Lewis himself will be spinning the full compilation Wednesday night in Chicago at Rodan, if ya happen to be there.

As I put this comp together I found myself wondering how it would’ve played out if it had been pressed to vinyl. So let’s get back to our hypothetical triple-disc Beyond Beyond is Beyond compilation album.

We’ve covered disc one already, side A and side B. As well as side A of disc two. So today, let’s move on to the second side of the second vinyl disc…

Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter‘s “Pleasuring the Divine” from the new Marble Son album resonates among the parallel worlds of the avant-garde and the timeless. Sykes’ voice and sometimes-mystical leanings (the former described aptly by Magnet as “sounding less like a performer and more like a sage”) and her band’s incomparable musical repoire culminate in what the New York Times has described as “spellbound music, rapt in fatalism and sorrow.” Syke’s trademark thematic darkness and acclaimed songwriting have never been more present; yet Marble Son speaks of evolution, which Sykes describes as, “a sonic mirror of the most chaotic, turbulent times of our lives, where beauty triumphed, and the tears that spilled became this record”. Dig it…

Jesse Sykes and the Sweet Hereafter – Pleasuring The Divine by Bang Bang Boogaloo

The Main Street Gospel is a Columbus, Ohio based band who mix psych-infused classic rock with dusty country vibes and dirt-stained blues. The band was born in 2005, when Barry Dean–former tambourine shaker for the Brian Jonestown Massacre–began writing songs with longtime friend Ryan Ida. Together with Evangelos Arakas on guitar and Christian Pierce on drums the band has a strong sense of understanding and respect for the true roots of rock n’ roll. Their sound recalls elements of folk giants CSNY and Neil Young, while at the same time retaining the modern aesthetics of revivalists like The Black Keys.

The Main Street Gospel’s debut album is 11 tracks of cool, driving rock n’ roll titled ‘Love Will Have Her Revenge’ and is available now on Tee Pee Records, sure to please bluesy alternative country, classic rock, and psych fans.

The Main Street Gospel – I Won’t Be Stayin’ by Bang Bang Boogaloo

Bizi Gara is Baptiste Ibar’s music project which he records, performs and produces in various home studios. The live band is a thrilling take on the recordings performed by KaiWei Hsu – bass, Noah Plotkin – Drums, Micheal Didonna – Keys, and Baptiste – vocal/guitar.

Bizi Gara – Livin Alone by Bang Bang Boogaloo

Formed in 2008 while playing on the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Matt Robson and Dave Arlington honed their craft combining traditional elements of Indian Raga with the street sense of New York City originally under the name Dutch East India Company. Spawned from a healthy obsession with music, musicians, and instruments from around the world, the group was later joined by master Indian percussionist David Freeman, who recorded quite a bit of the soundtrack music to the Mike Myers film The Love Guru (2008). As the incense fills the room, Brooklyn Raga Association takes a leap from the conventional model, as they seek to cast a new mold and create music that brings cultures together.

Brooklyn Raga Association – Water by Bang Bang Boogaloo

“Formed in the summer of 2010, Minerva Lions is a Brooklyn-based psych-folk band led by frontman Jared Samuel. Filled out by Grey McMurray (electric guitar, backing vocals), Joseph McCaffrey (bass, backing vocals) and Tim Kuhl (drums), the group takes their name from the back of a vintage letterman jacket. The Lions’ sound is an eclectic brand of melancholic folk, blending layers of acoustic and electric guitars, swells of atmospheric pedal steel and sparse percussion with Samuel’s enchanting vocal delivery. Their debut EP ‘Great Strides, Priestess & Queen’ came out in 2011.” – Sam Davis, Dog Gone Blog

Minerva Lions – Megrims by Bang Bang Boogaloo

See you tomorrow to delve into our hypothetical Disc 3! Grab the whole compilation for free right here.

Beyond Beyond is Beyond | Bang Bang Boogaloo

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