TVD Vinyl Giveaway: JJUUJJUU, FRST

The fantastic Los Angeles duo, JJUUJJUU, are made up of Moon Block Party‘s Phil Pirrone and Incan Abraham‘s Andrew Clinco and they just released their first collection of Krautrock-inspired psychedelic jams as an EP entitled FRST on Beyond Beyond is Beyond Records in April, and made their first appearance at this year’s Austin Psych Fest later the same month. And I’m happy to say that we have a copy of the limited edition EP on white vinyl for one lucky TVD winner! Have a listen…

The honorable Permanent Records Chicago calls FRST  “…a mouthwatering ‘amuse bouche’ for this tasty morsel of heavy psych! Rolling drums and droning guitars ebb and sway, conjuring a peyote-fueled rollercoaster ride thru the blistering Mojave.

There’s definitely a mood and vibe ruminating thru these grooves, with echoes of fellow voyagers like Spacemen 3, Brian Jonestown Massacre, and even some of the headier moments from the earlier Black Angels oeuvre. These guys are definitely ones to watch—we certainly will be.”

And check out JJUUJJUU’s far-out video for “Ancient’s Future”…

To win the limited edition JJUUJJUU FRST EP on white vinyl, name your favorite L.A. band ever.

I’m gonna go with the Doors, in memory of the recently deceased Doors keyboardist, Ray Manzarek, whose role in the band’s overall sound should never be understated. Rest in peace, Ray.


One winner with a North American address will be chosen a week from today, Thursday, May 30.

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  • purple tree

    I freakin LOVE Abecedarians, they’re no longer around, but there was a reissue of the Eureka lp on Pylon records recently that i STRONGLY suggest everyone check out!  May not be an LA band but definitely very heavily from the 80’s art rock LA scene like Scream from back in the day.

  • GeoffRice

    All-time? I think I’ll have to go with Love.

  • alexwont

    X  — no doubt in my mind

  • Jeffery Klukowski

    LOVE, all the way!

  • popa2unes

    Country Joe and the Fish

  • VeggieHotson

    Social Distortion

  • Nicholas oliver

    How bout the nerves or anything Paul ‘collins was involved with….the real power pop king!

  • onelovebriggs

    My first choice would be The Doors also, but next up I’m going with Jane’s Addiction.

  • mattzimm84

    Van Halen personifies LA to me!

  • AllisonLampers

    I really love Incan Abraham; and they’re high on my favorite list overall, not just for LA! I like JJUUJJUUs sound too! I’d love to have FRST on vinyl!

  • http://YouTubeVinylComnunity Steve

    The Monkees the show was on every afternoon I would run home from school to watch it. Peter was my favorite he cracked me up. Now as an adult I still watch and really dig their stuff especially the more psychedelic later albums.

  • crowbarmark

    motley crue

  • SpecialKindOfHell

    My fav is Arthur Lee’s LOVE

  • Mike at TVD NYC

    Winner had been notified via email. Thanks for playing!


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