TVD at the CMJ Music Marathon 2013: Our picks for your live dollar

Wherein TVD’s LA family, Alexandra Starlight and Zachary James, head East with a head of steam (and stars) and offer their picks for the bands you should be up front and centered for. —Ed.

“Ahhh, CMJ—our annual excuse to visit the Big Apple (as no local New Yorkers actually call it.) For those of you who’ve never been, the CMJ Music Marathon is one of the world’s “most important platforms for the discovery of new music.” From October 15th–19th, CMJ will feature over 1,400 live performances in more than 80 of NYC’s concert venues.

Their latest artist announcement include heavyweight artists Talib Kwali, Father John Misty, Alberta Cross, and more. You can read their latest announcement here. I’ve compiled the top three bands I’m looking forward to checking out this year.” Alexandra Starlight

NICK WATERHOUSENick Waterhouse creates throwback ’50s vintage American-inspired R&B so period-correct there is clearly black magick involved with his recordings.

New Orleans cursed black chicken feet, baked BBQ gorilla ribs, and some mosquito pie. There’s somethin’ wrong with you, Nick Waterhouse.

LEE FIELDS & THE EXPRESSIONSLee Fields is a little bit James Brown, a little bit Curtis Mayfield, a touch of James Carr, and has straight up been crankin’ out sweet soul music since 1969.

His 43 plus year career includes releases on twelve different record labels. Way to never give up!

THE DIRTY NAMES | Man, this guy gives good Mick Jagger vocals, “mama!” I really don’t know anything about The Dirty Names, I just checked them out ’cause they’re showcasing with a band that we like, Wyldife.

I saw this video and liked the Stonesy, Faces vibes. It’s cool there’s still some people playin’ rock ‘n’ roll out there.

“As summer lovin’ fades and miniature GMO pumpkins are sold by the dozens, musicians and assorted industry from around the world begin their pilgrimage to the big forbidden apple for this year’s CMJ music marathon. For five nonstop days and nights, CMJ features over 1,400 live performances in more than 80 of New York City’s greatest nightclubs and theaters.

As if on an urban jungle cruise, the sight of musicians lugging flight cases filled with gear dripping in sweat are endless. Having attended and contributed to CMJ’s one-on-one mentor sessions in the past, CMJ is an endlessly entertaining and educational experience! Read more to check out my top three bands I want to check out at this year’s CMJ Music Marathon!” Zachary James

WYLDLIFE | New York natives Wyldlife are a ’70s influenced power pop and rock ‘n’ roll band with a punk twist like a spring-loaded stiletto deep in your gut. Their sophomore album The Time Has Come To Rock N Roll  was released April of this year and produced by  Tuk of (next level indigo rockers) The Biters.

Their single “Saturday Night” was endorsed by Little Steven’s Underground Garage as “The Coolest Song in the World of the Week” and has since been syndicating all over the Sirius airwaves. Check out their official showcase 10/17 at Arlene’s Grocery with The Dirty Names, The Von Shakes, The Wives, Folding Legs.

NACHTMYSTIUM | Whoa, Nachtmystium! There are people totally doing heroin in this video! You guys are crazy! All this dark American psychedelic black metal makes me want to fire up the old BBQ and sacrifice a goat.

Check these hellhounds out at the official Metal Insider showcase 10/16 at Club Europa.

KING DUDE | Rad name! King Dude‘s Tom Waits style vocals are the perfect match for their unique brand of dark, atmospheric Americana.

See the ritual live at this year’s CMJ!

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