TVD Video Premiere: Pine Barons, “Don’t Believe What They
Told You”

TVD NYC’s Caitlin McCann, director of the above named vid, has your backstory. And a need for some tarps. LOTS of tarps. —Ed.

“There’s some sort of energy that comes from lying down on the floor. An energy that realigns my body and leaves a clear path for inspiration to swim up and down my spine and leak into my brain…”

“The basic concept for this video was literally conceived from lying flat on the floor of my bedroom after listening to Pine Barons’ record on repeat twenty million times and deciding I really wanted to make a video for this song.

I met them a few days earlier and I knew I wanted to work with them. They put on an amazing live show, they didn’t trash my apartment when I let them crash there, and they were nice to my dad when he came over at 9am the next morning. And they’re a bunch of hunks so…duh.

Like I said, the basic concept for the video was conceived from lying on my floor. However, the actual content of the video came from the insanely creative minds of Pine Barons (a sweet and salty blend of Keith Abrams, Shane Hower, Brad Pulley, and Collin Smith).

I have to thank them for making this video more than I could have ever imagined. We devoted a full three-day weekend (plus some extra days here and there) to shooting this video and I can assure you it was filled with everything you would expect—too little sleep, too much coffee, too much beer, pages of notebooks filled with our mental vomit, a trashed house—and everything you wouldn’t expect—real vomit everywhere, milk everywhere, weird concoctions of goo, pie encrusted in the carpet for three days, confetti clogging the drain of the shower…or maybe you would expect all of this after watching the video?”

Pine Barons Facebook | Twitter | Bandcamp

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