TVD Vinyl Giveaway: Wax Packs Test Press

One small, mail order record label from Rochester is putting a new spin on record collecting. And he’s reaching out to a different classic collectible—baseball cards—and combining the two in an unconventional way. 

Remember that feeling of getting a Topps baseball card pack as a kid? There was the build of excitement and suspense as you begin to open the plastic wrapping. Were you going to get that Mark McGuire or Ken Griffey, Jr. rookie card? The hologram Cal Ripkin all-star card? Or the Chicago Cubs team photo card… No matter what superstitious rituals there were, you could never tell exactly what you were going to get.

Now, switch gears to collecting records. Going out to the record store, you knew what you were going to get…as long as it was in stock. No guessing or mysteries. What you see is what you got. But what if you didn’t… What if there was some element of surprise, just like opening a pack of baseball cards, in not knowing just exactly what you were going to get. Enter Wax Packs

The idea behind Wax Packs takes the fun of buying a solid, physical medium of music and mixing it with the element of unknown, as in buying packs of baseball cards.

The idea of Wax Packs came from a Secret Audio Club, a small mail order record label located in Rochester, NY. For the first series they have produced 10 different collectible 7″ splits pressed on black, colored, and hand-numbered colored vinyl. For each 7″, only 150 will be colored and 50 will be hand-numbered and colored.

Secret Audio Club rounded up some of the best up-and-coming independent bands for the first Wax Packs series including Austin Lucas, Such Gold, Banquets, and more! On January 28th, Wax Packs will be available to the masses. To get your hands on them, you can either visit your local record store or order directly online.

Secret Audio Club is currently taking pre-orders for single packs, boxes (a set of 5), and cases (a set of 10 boxes). All of the pre-ordering info, as well as a complete listing of bands, can be found on the Wax Packs homepage. Happy hunting!

To help kick things off, Secret Audio Club has agreed to give away one test press from the series to one lucky fan. And in true Wax Packs form, it will be chosen at random! All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below of your favorite collectible from growing up. (For me personally, it would be Transformers.) One week from today one lucky entrant—with a North American mailing address—will be selected.

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  • schomin

    Baseball cards for sure!

  • ny_hi

    You should see my POG collection from growing up in Hawaii… I still have binders full of them, each POG carefully placed in plastic sheet pog holder. 
    For those who don’t know:

  • lamegigcontest

    3.5″ GI Joe figures and baseball cards, specifically Cal Ripkin Jr and Frank Thomas.

  • ByronSilversmith

    pokemon cards, transformers, and pogs

  • thejesseb

    Baseball cards. Loved collecting those things.

  • dantheriver

    TMNT action figures.  My favorites were from the Universal Monster themed set.

  • dantheriver

    TMNT action figures.  My favorites were from the Universal Monsters themed set.

  • mucusoffmybrain

    He-Man action figures!

  • JoshMolyneux

    An old NASA G.I. Joe set.

  • kevwalker

    Baseball Cards and Pearl Jam records.

  • humantonandhandy

    Baseball Cards is probably tops.  Nothing beat the thrill of opening a pack of cards.  I always liked the fleer brand and I can still remember the day I stopped at the local gas station and bought a pack and got a “Hot Pack”

  • Kotz

    Records and baseball cards because I’m a music lover who grew up before the digital era…and I live near Cooperstown.

  • ozfacter

    baseball cards, tmnt and he-man action figures and garbage pail kids

  • thepunkguy

    top 3 collectibles from my past.
    a.  gi joes
    b.  iron maiden posters
    c. cassettes of Public Enemy and Metallica

  • liddokun

    Basketball cards!! I grew up in a basketball loving neighborhood….couldn’t afford the Air Jordans, but the local convenient store had a vending machine that sold basketball cards for 10 cents a pop.

  • Robfrenzy

    For me it would be my ghostbusters toys or Thunder Cats toys. I had everything and I felt awesome. I was a nerd. Haha.

  • Sara

    Godzilla figures!

  • zlomas

    My Chris Pronger hockey card collection, those ITG nameplates were so hard to find.

  • Zachary Zeller

    Hot Wheels cars were my favorite collectable!

  • Nofxpunkguy

    My hockey cards.   Had a bunch of old stuff and recently got back into collecting them and boy have things changed

  • chamb117

    my baseball card collection is HUGE! wax packs is has the perfect amount of nostalgia.

  • chamb117

    my baseball card collection is HUGE! but i loved to collect everything, including legos and hot wheels, too. p.s. chaps is the bomb for making all of this a reality. so stoked for wax packs to premiere!

  • chamb117

    my baseball card collection is HUGE! but i loved to collect everything, including legos and hot wheels, too. p.s. chaps is the bomb for making all of this a reality. so stoked for wax packs to premiere!

  • AlexGC

    hot wheels!

  • AndySN

    It might be awkward, but I collected bells as a kid.

  • bruce pendleton

    My Evel Kenevil wind up stunt cycle! It was the best Christmas gift I got as a kid. Wish I still had it!

  • fearofaroboticmedia

    1993 Marvel Universe comic book cards. The thrill of finding a holographic Spiderman vs. Venom . . .

  • Ryani22

    For me it was always G.I. Joe action figures.

  • remjunky

    I collected comics, especially Heroes for Hire.

  • Xiegfried

    I was way into Pokémon cards back in the day.

  • crowbarmark

    Stretch Armstrong still in packaging

  • Dethrock

    Mine was hockey cards! Still have them in binders somewhere.

  • Twelve20

    It was either M.U.S.C.L.E.’s or Garbage Pail Kids cards.

  • jason

    M.A.S.K. Cars

  • connerdooley17

    It was either Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh with a little bit of Digimon trading cards

  • sherlytemple

    kinder surprise toys and pokemon cards


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