The Bombastic-ness of Muse, the Cleverness of Catherine Wheel, & the Grace of U2; Say Hello to Golden State.

There are very few bands from the US, let alone the world, who can write the type of gloriously over-the-top, take your breath away rock anthems made popular by world class acts such as Muse, u2, and the often forgotten genius of The Catherine Wheel. Golden State is one of them.

This Los Angeles-based band has placed an array of songs on high-profile TV shows, film and commercials although they are not signed to a major label. This begs the questions; who needs a major when you have the songs , the management, and a great PR team?

Their debut album is called Division and it is, for lack of a better term, fucking incredible.  From the grandiose opening track “World On Fire”, to the stellar chorus of “High Noon” and my personal favorite “Setting Sun”, this is the magnum opus of a band ready to be heard.

These guys have created an epic masterpiece of a rock album. It’s one of those rare moment where songwriting, performance, and production are all complimenting one another perfectly. Put this record on and turn it up loud. It’s powerful, deep, and emotionally illuminating.

Check out the stunning opening track from Division and download it for free.

Are you a fan of Golden State? What do you think of the song “World On Fire”? Please join the conversation below.

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