Young Broke & Beautiful: The Playlist and Broke As Hell Tour

“Broke-Ass Stuart,” the host of IFC’s Young Broke & Beautiful, has been making his way down the East Coast on the Broke As Hell Tour, promoting his book Young, Broke & Beautiful: Broke-Ass Stuart’s Guide to Living Cheaply.

The tour is half book signing and half dance party! Tonight at 7pm, he’ll be in NYC at Fat Baby with eMusic’s J. Edward Keyes, aka “DJ Sportcoat,” and Bluestockings Books. A week from today, next Wednesday (10/19) at 6:30pm, he’ll be in DC at Acre 121 with The Jones and Typefighter. Check the bottom of the page for all the tour dates in between.

Stuart has featured Memphis’ Alex Warble on his show before, but we’d all be familiar with being young, broke, and beautiful, anyway, right? Thus, a playlist* by Stuart, dedicated to us all:

Gregory Issacs – Loving Pauper

Wow this dude fucking nailed it!  How many of you cats have been in relationships where you’re like, “Well, I can’t afford to buy you shit, but I’l love the fuck out of you for sure.”  Just peep my man Gregory’s lyrics:

I’m not in a position to maintain you,
the way that you’re accustomed to,
Can’t take you out to fancy places,
Like other fellows that I know can do,
I’m only able to romance you,
and make you tingle with delight,
Financially, I’m a pauper,
but when it comes to lovin I’m alright.
Alright alright

The Rolling Stones – Angie

Alright sure, this is more of a break-up song than one about being broke, but you can obviously tell that not having any money added to the pressure that caused the break-up.  Check these lyrics:

With no loving in our souls and no money in our coats
You can’t say we’re satisfied
But Angie, Angie, you can’t say we never tried

See what I mean?

Otis Redding and Carla Thomas – Tramp

Aw man, this is such a classic!  Otis made SO much good music. I love the part in this joint when Carla’s all “You don’t wear continental clothes, or Stetson hats” and Otis says, “Well I tell you one dog-gone thing. It makes me feel good to know one thing. I know I’m a lover.” Yeah, I love this song.  Too bad this is the only video I could find.

Richie Cunning – One Dollar Wonder

This is my theme song.  No really, it is.  If you don’t know about Richie Cunning, you do now! The song starts at about the 1:30 mark of the video.

Brother Ali – Faheem

Technically, this is a song about Brother Ali explaining to his son why he divorced the kid’s mother. But the lyrics (like many of Ali’s lyrics) touch upon how broke he was and how that helped fire him up to get where he is now.

I just pray that you don’t remember us sleepin on the floor
And me cleanin mouse droppings out of your toys
It took a lot of hard work for us to get where we at

Jay-Z – Hard Knock Life

While this song is actually about slanging dope and coming up outta be broke, I couldn’t resist putting it on this list.  It’s the first song that turned me on to Jay-Z, and it’s just a brilliant piece of work.

Bettye LaVette – I Do Not Want What I Have Not Got

My boy Joe turned me onto this amazing version of Bettye LaVette doing this Sinead O’Conner song.  Can you do this?  Yeah, me neither.  But it’s certainly an affirming song for this like of broke-itude.

Ray Charles – Busted

To be honest, I like the stuff Ray Charles did with Atlantic way better than his later shit, but this song is undeniably great.  And yeah, I’m busted.  How about you? Also, sorry this is the only version I could find.  I like how the kid plays the song for his dad.

Desmond Dekker – Israelites

Fuck yeah! Ska music rules.  I’m skanking in my seat as I write this.

Get up in the morning slaving for bread sir
so that every mouth can be fed
Poor me Israelite

Ghostface Killah – All That I Got is You

An incredible song about growing up poor and having to do shit like using food stamps, wearing clothes that don’t fit, and having to sleep with Jon Jon who peed the bed.  Who knew Ghost could be so brilliant when not rapping about cocaine?

*Updated from 5 Great Songs About Being Broke


NYC: Wednesday 10/12 at Fat Baby with eMusic’s J. Edward Keyes, aka “DJ Sportcoat” and Bluestockings Books, 7pm

Philly: Friday 10/14 at Smith’s Restaurant and Lounge with DJ Handsome Sam, 8pm

Baltimore: Monday 10/17 at The Get Down with Landis Expandis and Atomic Books, 7pm

Richmond, VA: Tuesday 10/18 at The New York Deli with DJ Easy Tiger and Chop Suey Books, 8pm

DC: Wednesday 10/19 at Acre 121 with The Jones and Typefighter, 6:30pm

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