TVD’s 10 Weeks of Record Store Day Vinyl Giveaways: Pink Floyd, The Wall

Here’s your chance to get your hands on Pink Floyd’s classic album, The Wall, like you’ve never seen (or heard) it before. The legendary concept record is being re-released today digitally, on CD, and of course on vinyl, and we’ve got a copy of the latter for one of you.

The Wall is widely regarded as Pink Floyd’s magnum opus.  Originally released 33 years ago in 1979, it topped the Billboard charts for fifteen weeks and went on to sell more than 23 million copies in the United States alone.  The record also spawned the release of an eponymous movie in 1982.

The band’s most theatrical album follows the protagonist Pink, as he rises from life in post-World War II England to become the proverbial isolated rock star.  Rolling Stone, which places the album at number 87 on its “500 Greatest Albums” list, says, “rock star hubris has never been so electrifying.”  The Wall has also stood the test of time, as Roger Waters continues to tour and perform the album in its entirety.

The Wall features some of the most well-known songs in Pink Floyd’s catalog, including “Comfortably Numb” and “Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2).”

And, because we’re incredibly generous, the winner will also receive a CD copy of Pink Floyd’s Greatest Hits album.

For your chance to win both, simply comment below and tell us an album that you would consider to be the magnum opus of another band. I’m going to go with Pet Sounds, released by the Beach Boys in 1966.  We’ll select a winner with a North American mailing address a week from today, on Tuesday, March 6th.

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  • Jill

    Close to the Edge by Yes

  • AgentONeal

    Air’s “Talkie Walkie” is a fantastic album and the epitome of who they are. Whenever I introduce a person to them, I hand it over. It was also — however cliche this may sound — the perfect album for my trip to Kyoto, Japan.

  • Jj46

    ‘Tommy’ the who

  • JonB

    I’m going to go with Neutral Milk Hotel’s in the Aeroplane Over the Sea.

  • Andrew

    Exile on Main Street by The Rolling Stones

  • Germin8

    Daft Punk’s Discovery

  • kevbayer

    I am going with ” Reign in Blood” by Slayer…..not to much can beat that

  • italianmojo887

    Electric Ladyland by Jimi Hendrix. His 3rd official studio album but sadly his last.

  • Ashley

    Achtung Baby by U2.

  • briantracy

    The Clash – London Calling.

  • Jonelle

    Chris Bell…I Am the Cosmos

  • PeterMooreSmith

    Spiritualized … “Ladies and Gentlemen, We Are Floating In Space.”

  • abstractlyamused

    I’d have to Say Fleetwood Mac’s RUMORS album!

  • xtianDC

    I’m gonna go with Can’s “Future Days” (though really you could slot “Tago Mago” in there as well, to be honest).

  • PatrickFantis

    The Allman Brothers Band – Live at Fillmore East

  • sport9000

    The Zombies – Odessey And Oracle!

  • FutureHeartDay

    There’s so many great albums, but how about the first magnum opus of rock: Chuck Berry – “After School Session”

  • Dan Elliott

    Smashing Pumpkins – Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness

  • dunnand

    Radiohead – OK Computer

  • purple tree

    Disintegration by The Cure

  • WeiminChen

    A Night at the Opera – Queen

  • Shane verna

    I’m gonna with with what I beleive as one of the best album’s ever. It was there first record . A band that came out of nowhere and rocked the world.
    Every song is awesome . Jimmy Page,Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, and last but not least John Bonham the best drummer that ever lived ! Just cant top that .

  • Frednula

    Double Nickels On The Dime – The Minutemen

  • Ian Balentine

    I nominate Giant Steps by The Boo Radleys. To name an album after such a seminal Coltrane release took some massive cajones, but in my opinion they managed to pull it off. It remains a great example of a modern psychedelic masterpiece that manages to use and transcend it’s influences.

  • HousesInMotion

    My choice would be “Remain In Light” by Talking Heads. It was when their Afropunk sound was at its finest, most perfect. All their hard work symbolized in this record. The whole thing is on fire from “Born Under Punches” to “The Overload”.


    The Doors – The Doors

  • brendansullivan07

    Daydream Nation by Sonic Youth

  • jnich2424

    Dave Matthews Band – Before These Crowded Streets

  • Shaun C

    Rolling Stones – Sticky Fingers. It was their first album that completely defined their sound of the pinnacle of their career and completely transcended the psychedelic offerings and experimentation of their previous albums. 

  • patreeeek

    Pixies – Doolittle 

  • lobes

    Slint – Spiderland

  • infidel

    beatles – revolver. a turning point in pop music and a cultural touchstone!

  • anarchymcgee

    Yankee Hotel Foxtrot – Wilco

  • gringo_loco

    Weezer’s Blue Album.  The Invisiblel Band by Travis. What’s the Story (Morning Glory) by Oasis. Siamese Dream by the Smashing Pumpkins.

  • Adam

    Pearl Jam Ten
    Bill Withers live at Carnegie Hall (I know it’s live but man is it awesome!!)

    All great albums

  • autumnshades

    Sonic Youth, Daydream Nation.