TVD’s 10 Weeks of Record Store Day Vinyl Giveaways: VCMG, Ssss

As we are now in the year of 2012, and most acts from the 1980s are considered outdated; everything from the over-permed hair to the parachute pants to the New Wave-style music seems a little past its prime.

But a few rare musicians have managed to translate their musical talents into a new sound, and Martin Gore and Vince Clarke of Depeche Mode/Erasure, are two of them.

These two electronic entities have been working on individual projects and had very little contact for over thirty years, but they have now reunited and are creating music as VCMG. Both written and produced by Gore and Clarke, VCMG’s debut album Ssss contains ten tracks of excellent minimalist dance music that is clearly inspired by techno beats and electronica.

For a chance to win yourself a copy of Ssss tell us in the comments below which ’80s reunion you would most like to see.

For me, I think it would have to be Guns N’ Roses, although I don’t see Axl and Slash becoming buddy-buddy again any time soon. Sigh.

A winner with a North American mailing address will be selected a week from today, on Friday, March 30th.

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  • Ariel

    There are obvious choices like The Smiths but we know that will never happen so I’m gonna say Minor Threat. A lot of the “bigger” 80s bands that come to mind have either toured in recent years or are currently touring. Chameleons would be swell too.

  • JohnHill

    Without a doubt Cabaret Voltaire. They actually created new sounds and sampling techniques. Avant-garde, experimental but listenable. Remember sneaking in to the 9:30 club always seeing them on the TV’s.  

  • Dave gambill

    I would like to see the dead milkmen reunion. Unfortunately they lost their bassist a few years ago.

  • Domenick

    Husker Du! No need to elaborate…but if you need convincing, read Michael Azerrad’s “Our Band Could Be Your Life” #BobMould

  • 1eyegeorge

    Although some attempts had been made, Frankie Goes To Hollywood should have a proper comeback.  Or they should relax and don’t comeback.  But I would prefer the former.

  • Shane Verna

    WASP would be a good one . They kicked ass in the 80s

  • Sal

    Genesis for sure

  • loudersoft

    An 80’s reunion that I would love to see? Oh man there are many, but the one I know could probably never happen (but I still dream about) is Prince & The Revolution.  Now, sure, there have been other Prince bands throughout the years, but none were as much of a force to reckon with as The Revolution.  1999, Purple Rain, Around The World In A Day and Parade – Soundtrack to Under The Cherry Moon all prominently featured that collection of musicianship in one place.  Since the majority of Prince’s biggest hits involved members of The Revolution, and all of them continue to play music to this day in various forms, this is a reunion which (if everyone could settle their differences) is actually possible.

  • MikeMartino

    Definitely Talking Heads. Those guys broke up way too soon.

  • Eddie

    Soft Cell or General Public.

  • StuartMcLean

    The Marsh/ware/Oakey/Wright line-up of the Human League

  • RobRohm

    Since Ultravox is reforming already, I would have to say The Smiths.

  • DMdevotee

    The Smiths with supporting act Yaz

  • DMdevotee

    The Smiths with The Human League and Yazoo.

  • vmd

    I would *love* to see the original Cabaret Voltaire trio work together again: Mallinder, Kirk, and Watson. I seriously think the results would be extraordinary!

  • oliviaung

    The winner has been notified. Check your email!

  • vmd

    I guess I didn’t win. Sad face.