Garrison Starr:
The TVD First Date

“I have to be honest, for the longest time the only album I owned on vinyl was the Bangles’ Different Light.”

“They are my favorite band of all time, still. I was so influenced and inspired by them as a kid. I was so enthralled with a sexy, all girl group. They were rock and roll to me! Not to mention, they were LIKE me. Their existence and success made me feel as though my dreams were even more achievable.

I grew up listening to my dad’s vinyl. He had a TON of records—the Stones, Cream, the Yardbirds, the Beatles, CSNY…we would listen at the house, and I would take them into my room and play them on my Shaun Cassidy record player with the multi-colored blinking lights. I would hold concerts for all my stuffed animals on my bed while lip-synching to the Beatles’ singles into the end of a 9 iron sticking out of my dresser. Gosh, I wish I had video of that. Actually, no I don’t. Anyway, this is where my love and passion for music and songwriting began. I guess I kinda owe it all to my dad. He’s in the building business, but he loves music.

I can’t mention vinyl without mentioning Grimey’s in Nashville. Mike Grimes knows more about music and its history than anybody I’ve ever met. That dude can tell you how Robbie Robertson got his start and everybody he’s played with in his entire career, as well as every band anybody has ever played in with him has played in. Sorry for that atrocious run-on sentence!!! Anyway, hopefully you get the point. He is a master, and he built that store from the ground up. I love that dude and go to Grimey’s every time I’m in town.

I live in Eagle Rock in Los Angeles, and there’s a store in my neighborhood called Permanent Records I’ve grown fond of. They still do really cool in-stores, and you can bring your pets. I mean, I don’t have a pet, but I sure would take it there if I did. They seem to have a good selection of music there. I’ll admit I’m a newbie when it comes to buying vinyl. I won’t pretend to have the most extensive collection…what I do have, though, I think is a pretty good start. Here are my Top 5 for now:

Stevie Wonder, Innervisions
Simon and Garfunkel, Greatest Hits
The Bangles, Different Light
The Band, The Band
The Beatles, Rubber Soul

I think I can say that all five records kinda hold the same place in my heart in terms of why I chose them. First off, they sound amazing. There is a warmth to vinyl that is hard to replicate, in my opinion.

Don’t get me wrong, there are great sounding records on CD, but it really isn’t the same in a lot of ways as recording to tape and pressing to vinyl. Every one of these albums reminds me of the things I loved about being a kid and the love affair I developed with music from such a young age—the excitement, beauty, and passion of these artists and their talents and authentic ways of expressing themselves through their music inspired and informed my own trajectory as a musician and an artist.

It also reminds me of time spent with my dad, which is something I’ll always be grateful for. He’s a pretty special dude.”
Garrison Starr

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Garrison Starr’s Amateur hits store shelves May 1 on her Radtown Music imprint.

Garrison Starr Tour Dates:
04/27/12 – Indianapolis, IN @ Irving Theater (w/ David Berkeley)
04/28/12 – St. Louis, MO @ Off Broadway (w/ David Berkeley)
04/29/12 – Lexington, KY @ Natasha’s (w/ David Berkeley)
04/30/12 – Chicago, IL @ S.P.A.C.E. (w/ David Berkeley)
05/01/12 – Louisville, KY @ WFPK (3PM EST) (w/ David Berkeley)
05/02/12 – Nashville, TN @ The Rutledge (w/ David Berkeley)
05/03/12 – Memphis, TN @ Hi Tone Café (w/ David Berkeley)
05/04/12 – Duluth, GA @ Red Clay Theater (w/ David Berkeley)
05/05/12 – Birmingham, AL @ Urban Standard (w/ David Berkeley)
05/08/12 – Asheville, NC @ Jack of the Wood
05/11/12 – Durham, NC @ St. Philip’s Church (Parish Hall)
05/18/12 – Los Angeles, CA @ Hotel Café
07/11/12 – Pittsburgh, PA @ Club Cafe (w/ Maia Sharp)

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