Amanda Penecale:
The TVD First Date

“Regardless of the format, I am a big supporter of buying music locally.”

“Although I didn’t buy vinyl specifically as I was growing up, I did have a fondness for the independent record store in the town nearest to my home. Still one of the best places around to look for new music, Siren Records is in Doylestown, PA.

Growing up I listened to music mainly on CD. My dad was always playing Country music, and my mom enjoyed the Top 40s. I can’t say that I minded any of the music surrounding me, but in high school I began to discover my own preferences. My first CD was a birthday gift of the newly released Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morissette—1995-ish.

At the time my mom wouldn’t let me listen to it and she kept it hidden. I of course learned all of the words from my friend’s copies, and after a few months of pleading, my mom gave in and allowed me to have the album. This was about the time that I discovered many of the other songwriters who inspired me to go into songwriting.

My early influences were Sarah McLachlan, Jewel, James Taylor, Dar Williams, and Catie Curtis. I loved how these artists told their stories and had such rich qualities about their voices and use of music to color their ideas. I had always been a painter, and I decided that I would simply have to begin to write songs as well. I had been playing classical music on the piano since the age of 4, so the transition to my own material was very natural.

I wasn’t much of a guitarist at the time, so I enlisted the help of my cousin Nicole. We started a folk/pop band and called it Wisteria. We recorded ourselves on a little 8 track in our friend’s bedroom and would play coffee house shows and in backyards. Siren Records was super cool and allowed us to sell our first little homemade album through them.

I can’t say that our album was earth shattering by any means, but we were proud of it and made an even greater effort to hang out in the store and reference them whenever we would play in town. There was a magical quality about Siren. They had several sets of headphones, and you could listen to your selected music before purchasing while admiring a wall loaded with glamorous show posters. The album art from that very first Wisteria project even had my cousin and I hanging out in the store.

I must admit that it took me until a few years ago to purchase my own record player. The first records that I purchased were Swan Lake (at a garage sale) followed by The Trumpet Child by Over the Rhine. I have since collected many classics at various flea markets, yard sales, and record stores as well as bought some from my favorite indie artists.

Siren Records is still kickin it in Doylestown. They are now in their third location since I have been around, but the store seems to be doing well.

As you can imagine, they are now carrying my latest release, Time and Tide in their store. I always make sure to keep them in the loop, and they are always willing to hang a show poster for me. I believe that it is the connections with those around us that make a difference, and that is why I truly appreciate stores like Siren who support artists like myself.”

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