Slumberland Records: The Vinyl Giveaway

Last week spent the full week with some of the guys who make up Slumberland Records‘ roster of talented artists. To celebrate our week with the iconic label, we’re giving away two different Slumberland items to two lucky winners.

First up is the new record by first-wave Slumberland artists, Lorelei. Their latest LP, Enterprising Sidewalks, is their first in eighteen years and has been highly anticipated.

We’ve got a copy of the new album on clear vinyl with brown splatter. No really, it’s a must see.

Next is Echo Lake’s Wild Peace bundle, which includes the debut LP on white vinyl, two buttons, sticker, poster, and an Echo Lake tote bag.

This record is climbing college radio charts right now, making this a solid collectable for you or your Echo Lake (or Slumberland) devotee.

Our Slumberland guest posters shared a host of great memories about time spent in independent record stores throughout their lives. Enter for your chance to win by posting your most memorable independent record store experience in the comments below. Fun, cool, bizarre, unbelievable—tell us your stories.

Two winners will be chosen; one winner for each prize—so, be sure to tip us off to the item you prefer in your response! Winners will be selected on Friday, August 24th. You must have a valid North American mailing address to win. 

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  • fafafariba

    There was that one time when this random guy walked into the record shop, took his pants off, then ran out without said pants.That was certainly memorable.

  • Ashley

    The most memorable visit to an indie record store was my first visit. It was in this dingy-looking building down a narrow staircase. Once I got inside it was new and old records and CDs. Heaven for a music lover like myself. Needless to say, one never forgets the first time. Both bands are pretty awesome, but I’d love to get my hands on the Echo Lake one.

  • philsig

    Many years ago, during  highschool, I decided to go by myself to the Vintage Vinyl in St. Louis. When I was walking towards the store I was followed by a homeless man. I was very shy and didn’t know how to tell him to go away. He asked me about my shoes (I was wearing crocs) and offered to trade me weed for them. I was visibly uncomfortable and shyly replied “no”. I think he felt bad because he then just winked at me and said, “good anyway, because im a cop.” He then turned around and started walking away from me quickly. That was the first experience I had going to a record store. I’ve never listened to Lorelei until now but It seems like the type of music I could sit on my porch and just chill to. 

  • ShaunC

    My most memorable experience was also my first; when I realized I could
    still get a copy of VU and Nico and Exile on Main Street back in ’98.
    Being an 18 year old dumbass, I think the concept of reissues was new to
    me. Anyway, I remember seeing the vinyl and thinking that it trumped
    all the Herb Alpert and Chuck Mangiones I had amassed from the thrift
    store. I do really miss that copy of the Children of Sanchez though….

    Oh, I don’t care which record. Either would be great. Slumberland is a great label and I’m sure I won’t be disappointed.

  • crowbarmark

    Most memorable are my visits to Sound Exchange on rte. 23 NJ.  They always had the rare stuff and when they didnt, they special ordered it for me (before the days of everything available on the internet).  Sad that these are a dying, if not dead, breed.