TVD Premiere:
A Girl I Know,
“Bang, Bang, Bang”
(Dirty Dave Remix)

“My earliest record collection included classics such as Run DMC, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Village People, Hendrix, even the Godfather soundtrack—thanks to my oldest brother’s budding relationship with CDs.”

“But it was at (now defunct) Twelve Inch Dance Records in Dupont Circle and Yoshitoshi (now only a record label) in Georgetown that I remember how eager I was to mix Sasha’s “Be as One” with all of Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon. Of all the material possessions I’ve ditched over the years, I still have these (and a box of old 45s I adopted) even though I haven’t owned a working record player in years!
Carolina Hoyos

“My first job was at the long gone but not forgotten Tower Records in the Castro district of San Francisco.”

“I probably shouldn’t admit to this, but my music education began here when I stole a copy of Led Zeppelin BBC Sessions. Don’t ask me how I did it (there was a blind spot near the magazines) but I began to build a small collection of CDs (remember those) and vinyl, thanks to the good people at Tower Records.

Pretty soon I had amassed a shelf of classics, and using my dad’s record player would sit in the little room under the stairs and listen to music til’ the wee hours of the morning. Yes, it was life changing!
Ken Franklin

It’s a little Beck. It’s a little M.I.A. And it’s a whole lot remixed courtesy of Dirty Dave.

We are pleased to debut the remix of A Girl I Know’s “Bang, Bang, Bang” (which, if you’re on the East Coast of the US, is a rather appropriate soundtrack for this spell of weather we’re having, hm?) The duo made up of Carolina Hoyos and Ken Franklin are joined by Jeremiah Bitsui from Breaking Bad on today’s exclusive TVD premiere.

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