TVD Vinyl Giveaway: Paul McCartney, “Christmas Kisses” 7″


TVD is delighted to have been selected by the team behind the Paul McCartney Archive Collection to exclusively spotlight the meticulous work Paul has personally supervised with the reissue series from his back catalog—all newly re-mastered at Abbey Road Studios. In the spirit of the season, the entire Paul McCartney Archive Collection to date, as well as 2012’s Kisses on the Bottom will be available to TVD readers through a series of special giveaways during the month of December, courtesy of Sir Paul and his team.

Today however, we’re slightly breaking from our running theme to toss in a bit of a holiday surprise, as you can enter to win Sir Paul’s brand new Christmas 7″ “Christmas Kisses,” of which we’ll select 5 winners for what’s basically already a holiday classic.

From Paul’s website: “Paul has announced a very special Christmas treat for fans with the release of an exclusive iTunes album ‘Kisses on the Bottom – Complete Kisses’ on November 26th in the UK / internationally and November 27th in the US. ‘Kisses on the Bottom – Complete Kisses’ will feature the hugely acclaimed album ‘Kisses On The Bottom’ alongside the entire 13 tracks from ‘Live From Capitol Studios’ concert performance, and four bonus tracks including a special festive recording of ‘The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire)’, which Paul recorded at Avatar Studios in New York in September.”

The single’s A-side is the aforementioned “The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On An Open Fire),” and it’s backed with “Wonderful Christmastime,” which is nearly ubiquitous this time of year, and is destined for the same in your home.

Enter to win Paul’s “Christmas Kisses” 7″ single by telling us in the comments below what either track has meant to you over the years—briefly!

Each contest among this special series will last a full calendar week. Five entrants with a North American mailing address will be selected as winners a week from today, 12/19.

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  • marvin85

    Paul’s rendition of “The Christmas Song” is a nice rendition. It’s a little different from Nat King Cole’s classic version but really nice. That song and “Wonderful Christmastime” are both Holiday essentials and mean a lot to me. I cannot go through a holiday season without hearing those 2 songs.

  • steveinlouisville

    “The Christmas Song” has always been a favorite of my wife’s, and I have always been a fan of McCartney, so the combination would look sound great coming from my turntable.
    Nice site you have here.  Bookmarking for repeated visits!

  • Oboeman

    These are two of my favorite songs. You can tell McCartney was channeling his inner Nat King Cole for Christmas song. I wonder if he used one of Nat’s microphones on the recording. Hope to win this great prize.

  • DMGotts

    Both of these songs are Holiday classics. I enjoy Paul’s version of “The Christmas Song”. The solo is a little different from Nat King Cole’s version. The lyric change from “Turkey” to “Holly” is a nice change. Looking forward to win this prize

  • applescruffs

    Have to be honest. I’ve never liked “The Christmas Song.” One of my least favorite songs of all time. Just never found a version I’ve cared for. Until I heard Paul sing it. Absolutely love his cover. And “Wonderful Christmastime”…well what’s Christmas without Paul McCartney and that killer synthesizer riff?

  • dwtoohey

    Wonderful Christmastime? Just another Macca tune that sticks in your head, whether you like it or not. How many times have you been in a Home Depot during the holidays and caught yourself humming to it comes on the PA? I doubt this year’s offering will eclipse the exposure of WC, but I’m glad he released it, because it brings new life in a very simple way to this holiday classic. Kudos, Sir Paul. Glad you are still trying new things.

  • caribouslady

    I have always been a huge Paul McCartney fan and I am a big fan of any Christmas music so both of them combined? BLISS. “The Christmas Song” will always remind me of my childhood, riding 45 minutes out of town to look at Christmas lights with my grandparents. “Wonderful Christmastime” is just chock full of nostalgia and makes me close my eyes and reminisce. LOVE them both so much.

  • Jeff Anderson

    “Chestnuts” is one of the quintessential holiday tunes, and as a vegetarian I was quite pleased to hear McCartney’s tweaking of the lyrics from “Turkey & some mistletoe” to “Holly & some mistletoe”.  Always the activist. 🙂

  • Justin B

    My wife and I are both avid McCartney/Beatles fans. Every Christmas, as we decorate our tree, we listen to all the Beatles’ Christmas records, Phil Spector’s Christmas Album (on Apple of course), and John and Paul’s 7″ Christmas singles. This would be a great addition to our line-up. 🙂

  • bonoedgey

    the christmas song meant sitting by the fire.. all nice and cozy.. sharing a nice hot chocolate with my family and friends

  • Tom J

    Like a few hundred other McCartney classics, Wonderful Christmastime grows on its listeners.  I’m glad to see it’s become a holiday staple.  So, raise a glass, and don’t look down…

  • CathyNagelKoncilia

    I can’t think of anyone else that I would rather hear singing Christmas songs

  • Charles G

    wonderful chrstmastime brings me back to simpler times when my mom and dad were still here and it was “wonderful” to be with them and my sisters in the living room with the tree lit!

  • JRKane

    I love WCT because it’s such a uniqure sounding xmas song with the synth riff and unusual rhythm. A true one off!

  • Ron L

    The Christmas Song reminds me of my late grandparents, they loved Nat King Cole and his rendition and Paul’s version is a nice homage to Nat. I still remember the day I saw the Wonderful Christmastime 45 picture sleeve for the first time at the record store in the mall. Besides the great photo of Santa Paul, it struck a chord because it was credited to “Paul McCartney” alone, not Wings. This record was the beginning of a new chapter for us Beatles/Wings/McCartney fans!

  • TiaRaeeee

    My favorite Christmas song! Specifically when walking through the Christmas Markets in Germany with my dad when we stationed there. It was the best! One of the booths were playing it, so we bought all our chocolates from her. Everyone could use a few Christmas Kisses!

  • frontparlour

    “The Christmas Song” was always my favorite holiday tune, ever since my grandfather first played the Nat “King” Cole version for me on his giant Magnavox record player. My grandfather has been gone for 9 years now, and my mother is one of the biggest McCartney fans I know, so this new 7″ from Paul is an emotional link between the three of us.

  • JakeStVitus

    Two of my favorite Christmas songs that bring me back to (seemingly) simpler times in childhood. Memories of reading picture books in oversized chairs in warm houses on cold days. And I am a Macca evangelist and have told countless people how great his new standards LP is. Thanks TVD!

  • helgab

    Being Belgian I was not familiar with ‘The Christmas Song’ before Paul recorded his version, and I immediately loved it. It has this very British piano sing-along feel to it (dreaming of (veggie) stuffed turkey and Christmas pudding). As to ‘Wonderful Christmastime’, I bought the original vinyl single ages ago (B-side ‘Rudolph the red-nosed Reggae’). The video clip is often shown during the BBC’s TOTP Xmas special. It features Linda whom Paul sadly lost due to breastcancer. I lost my mom last June after a 23-year struggle with the disease, This creates somehow a link.

  • cp

    It’s not Christmas until I hear “Wonderful Christmastime” for the first time during the season!

  • donblight53

    my sons middle names are Paul and McCartney and i have a blackbird tattoo in honor of Paul, i bought wonderful Christmastime on Vinyl when it came out and i still have the 45 picture cover….peace and LOVE
    Don Blight