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“My first experience with vinyl was probably a lot like everyone else’s, it was with The Beatles. My mom had won a dance contest when she was in high school, the year the Beatles broke in America, 1963. She won a first edition of Meet the Beatles, and I still own it and listen to it.”

“It was one day, I was very young, probably not much older than 6 or 7, but I was very lucky to have a family and especially an older brother who was into great music , and we had a record player, and he would put that record on. I know it may seem trite to say, but honestly , it did change my life. I obviously wasn’t old enough to catch them the first time around, but hearing that record , just the whole experience of it blasting through these old speakers, it sounded very familiar and yet completely mysterious and exciting all at once.

We then, of course moved onto Sgt. Pepper, The White Album, etc…as a kid hearing “A Day in the Life” or “I am the Walrus” was actually quite frightening at times, but again very exciting.

I’ve since moved onto listening to a lot of new and older music on vinyl when I can. I think it’s great that a lot of new bands are putting the time and effort into 180 gram vinyl, and even if indie budgets permit, spending time on developing a story with the artwork, or amazing photos and having it in the gatefold format.

I think in the ’90s and even part of the ’00s, most of us who loved vinyl so much never could have imagined it coming back around with such force as it has now which is fantastic!

Lastly, in Dallas , some old friends of mine put together a once-a-month listening gathering at a renovated theatre—The Texas Theater (by the way, where Oswald was caught) called Tuesday Night Record Club where two people share their favorite record with the group and then we commence to listening, visiting with friends, and just having, what I think is the best part of listening to vinyl, just having that communal experience.”
Jeff Ryan

Simulacra Records will release myopic’s latest album, “we were here,” on February 26th, 2013.

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