Needle Drop:
The Grand Undoing,
“Cross Over Now”

Sometime it is the unexpectedly off the wall, completely left-of-center grandeur that makes something so good. The Grand Undoing’s sophomore release is a glorious musical experiment with an oddball confidence akin to the early work of David Bowie.

Speaking in generalities, music is often the same sequences and chords regurgitated with some kind of new spin on it. Breaking the rules with unpredictable key changes and moments of dissidence often solidifies a songs “originality.” The Grand Undoing’s White Space Flavors and Parties on TV is 40 minutes of strange, wild, unchained melodies and lyrics that cross the fringe and head into the stratosphere. It may not be the most digestible singer-songwriter album this year, but it is possibly the most original.

The first single off the album, “Cross Over Now,” is a wild ride on a beautifully shambolic Art Rock locomotive that feels like it’s about to fly off the rails at any moment. Buckle your seatbelt and hit play.

You can listen to more sample tracks from The Grand Undoing’s White Space Flavors and Parties on TV and purchase CDs, digital, and vinyl at their site. The new record will be supported by a number of shows exclusively at sparkling wineries.

The album’s creator, Seth Goodman is a self-proclaimed sparkling wine enthusiast, so I am thinking he hit it hard during the creation of White Space Flavors and Parties on TV—or at least the naming of it.

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