TVD Premiere: John Helix, “This Used To
Be My Home”

San Diego-based singer/songwriter John Helix is relatively new to the music industry but his delicate approach is stocked with emotion and a craftsman like eye for melodic hooks.

We have the pleasure of premiering John’s single “This Used To Be My Home”—a heartbreaking lament accented by blooming harmonies and a ghostly delivery. The subject matter loosely tackles Helix’s growing detachment from his roots; losing grip on the familiar while sowing oats for the future. It’s a melancholy tone poem that suits the authors’ voice and vibe perfectly.

Helix’s album Chronic Happiness is sprinkled with folk, Brit pop, and country leanings while remaining stylistically cohesive. A find for fans of Elliott Smith, late-60’s Beatles, and other current bedroom impresarios such as Angelo De Augustine.

John Helix Official | Facebook | Twitter

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