The TVD First Date

“I’ve loved vinyl since I was about 17. I was obsessed with classic rock, so my parents bought me one of those shitty brown suitcase turntables, and then showed me where they had stashed their old records. I’ve been pretty much hooked since then.”

“There’s a lot to love about records; the smell, the tactile experience, the warm sound, the big cover etc. But one of the things that I like the most is how individual records seem to be able to bring me back to a moment from my past.

My Ziggy Stardust LP that I bought in Edinburgh, my I Am Oak LP that I bought to remind me of the girl who broke my heart, the Microcastle my dad bought me to listen to as I recovered from a surgery, my mom’s copy of Are You Experienced… When I pull those albums out, it’s like catching a phantom scent on the wind that takes me back through time.

I was very fortunate for the last 3 years to live a block and a half from an amazing record store in Minneapolis. Treehouse Records has been my go to shop for years. I’ve bought so many amazing albums there, and the folks that work there are great, always letting me browse in peace, but always able to drop knowledge on me if I ask them anything. Very little would make me happier than going back there and seeing our album on a shelf.

It’s long been a goal of mine to hold my own album in my hands and drop the pin on music I’ve made, so getting the chance to press vinyl of our new record is so exciting. I don’t think I’ve been as excited at any other point in the release process as when I got our test pressings and got to pull them out and put them on, and to sit back and listen to them spin.

I’m definitely going to keep those tests forever.”
Max Kulicke, lead guitar

Carroll’s self-titled debut LP is in stores now via Entertainment One Records. On vinyl.

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