Vanessa Silberman,
The TVD First Date and Premiere, “American
Folk Rock”

“I always loved going to Amoeba or Rasputin Records growing up in the Bay Area or going to little mom and pop shops and going through the used vinyl and 7″ sections looking for music I liked or cool covers—I love vinyl art!”

“I would decorate my walls in my teens with them and still have everything from Jefferson Airplane, Tom Petty, and Joan Jett, to rare Nirvana, Beach Boys, and Hall & Oates record covers. To me, vinyl record art is as meaningful and valuable as the music itself, or just general paintings or art.

That’s probably what inspired my new Vanessa Silberman EP—the physical CDs look and feel like a vinyl record, have a rice paper sleeve and an insert like an actual vinyl record. I also custom drew the art for each CD per a fan’s requests. It gives me an opportunity to connect with them and ask them what their favorite things are.

I think the bands and artists, especially ones before the digital era, really inspired me by the way they spent a lot time and put a lot of thought in their vinyl artwork so it felt as strong as the music itself.”
Vanessa Silberman

Vanessa Silberman’s self titled EP arrives in stores on October 7.

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