UK Artist of the Week: The Caulfield Beats

The Caulfield Beats are a curious bunch—a three piece based in East London who take inspiration from the cut n paste DIY culture of electronic experimentation. It’s a fairly new genre that isn’t quite electro, it’s not dub, and it’s certainly not dance. The Caulfield Beats are a niche all of their own.

Their EP “Garage Electronics Vol. 1″ is like a 90s acid trip—your head may not be the same when you resurface at the other side. The fact that indie publications and radio DJs have already picked up on their sound shows that they’re not just a one trick pony. These guys appeal to the alternative crowd too, not just the house party club kids.

The Caulfield Beats’ newly created crossover sound is really refreshing and satisfyingly peculiar. We urge you to give them a go and not be at least a little intrigued.

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