The Single Girl: Chromatone,
“Play For Me”

Chromatone is back with a fresh new look and a fresh new sound with his latest single “Play For Me.” The single is a real change of direction for the young singer, it’s sharper and edgier with that signature Chromatone flair.

The breakdowns and melodies hark back to a soulful pop sound with Chromatone’s silky vocals floating over each layer of instrumentation. There’s a bit of a “jam” like feel to this, which replaces much of the digitised, clinical vibe that most pop songs have these days.

Despite this new sound for Chromatone, he’s competing in a fast paced, razor-sharp pop market. He’s clearly a talented artist older beyond his years, but with big players like Bruno Mars and Justin Timberlake constantly pushing the boundaries of pop, similarly hand picking elements of the old-skool, Chromatone may have to fine tune a little harder to keep up with the rest.

However, “Play For Me” is still a catchy pop tune that showcases this young artist’s talents. He has an exciting road ahead and it still feels as though his sound is ever-changing with each step Chromatone takes.

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