The Single Girl: Damien McFly, ” I Can’t Reply”

Damien McFly’s “I Can’t Reply” is a folk-pop delight for the ears from start to finish. McFly effortlessly creates a sound which is toe-tappingly catchy, filled with folky goodness whilst also managing to bring in elements of soft rock and that classic singer-songwriter delicacy.

The track begins with a pretty piano section before Damien’s warm, tender vocal comes in and whisks you away with his smooth, soft tone. As his voice picks up in power, so does the track and as the chorus breaks out, the full capacity of the acoustic guitar comes into play to create one hell of a catchy chorus.

Although, undeniably, there are elements of Mumford & Sons all over this track, Damien McFly makes it his own with the sheer amount of passion and earnestness he brings to the record. “I Can’t Reply” is a beautifully written and composed track that is out just in time for the Summer and those long, daytime drives.

“I Can’t Reply” is out on July 17th via Ferrari Records.

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